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CHAPTER VIII Standards Regarding Watch-keeping

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1 CHAPTER VIII Standards Regarding Watch-keeping
Section A-VIII/1: Fitness for duty All persons who assigned duty shall have 10 hours rest within 24 hours If rest time divided by 2, one period shall at least 6 hours Exception in emergency situation and when drill is carried out Can be less than 10 hrs for not more than 2 days. Not less than 70 hrs of rest are provided each 7 days period

2 Section B-VIII/1 Prevention of fatigue
‘Overriding operational conditions’ only in essential shipboard works No exact definition of fatigue. Drug and alcohol blood contain of watch-keeping personnel shall be taken into account

3 Chapter VIII (continued)
Section A-VIII/2: Watch keeping arrangements and principles to be observed Part 1- Certification: Must be a qualified duty personnel (in relation to Chapter II & III and VII of the STCW) Part 2- Voyage Planning Part 3- Watch-keeping at sea Part 4- Watch-keeping in port

4 Part 2 Voyage Planning General requirement
Shall be planned in advance: route, fuel, waters, etc Planning prior to each voyage: use up to date charts and publications Verification and display of planned route: pertinent information shall be displayed clearly Deviation from planned route: shall be planned prior to be amended

5 Part 3: watch-keeping at sea
The main points are: Safety of navigation and protection of marine environment Take into account: State of weather Visibility Traffic density Proximity of dangers to navigation The attention necessary when navigating in or near TSS

6 Watch arrangement At no time shall the bridge be left unattended
Weather conditions, visibility, etc Proximity of navigational hazards Uses of navigational aids in appropriate way Automatic steering? Radio duties to be performed? UMS controls? Unusual demands on navigational watch may arise?

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