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Multidisciplinary Clinical Research Career Development Program: Curriculum.

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1 Multidisciplinary Clinical Research Career Development Program: Curriculum

2 Clinical Research Curriculum - Goals To develop competencies to design, conduct, and lead rigorous, hypothesis-driven clinical and translational research. To become conversant in the science and methods of various disciplines. To work effectively within collaborative multidisciplinary teams.

3 Core Competencies Clinical Research Disciplines Methodological and Analytical Strategies Professional Development Responsible Conduct of Research

4 Curriculum Content Formal Courses Short Courses Seminars Mentored Research Experiences

5 Formal Courses EPID 805/806 (4 hrs/week) – Overview clinical, translational, health services research EPID 711 (3 hrs/week; fall) – Clinical & epidemiological research methods BIOS 541 (4 hrs/week; fall) – Introduction to biostatistics BIOS 542 (4 hrs/week; spring; not required of all) – Application of biostatistics

6 Short Courses Introduction to Clinical Research – 1 week, summer Responsible Conduct of Research – 1 week, summer

7 Seminars Clinical Research Curriculum – Epid 896 – 2 hrs, weekly Roadmap K12 Scholars Seminar – twice monthly

8 Research Experiences Mentored Research Internship (Year 1) - ½ year, weekly, ½ day experience or 1 – 2 week full time experience - may be at UNC or off-campus Mentored Research Project (Year 1) - preliminary studies, mentored project Independent Research Project (Years 2-3)

9 “Typical” Schedule – Year 1 Summer – Short courses (Intro & Ethics) - Research internship - Begin EPID 805 Fall (  10 hours/week) – EPID 805 / EPID 711/ BIOS 541; K30 CRC Seminar; Mentored research project Spring (  8 hours/week) – EPID 806/ BIOS 542; K30 CRC Seminar (EPID 896); Mentored research project

10 “Typical” Schedule – Year 2 Additional coursework, if needed K30 CRC Seminar (EPID 896) Individual Research Project

11 FAQ – Will a scholar have to take all the formal courses? The formal courses are “required” unless a scholar can demonstrate either previous coursework or lack of relevance to his/her career development. EPID 805/806 and Roadmap K12 seminar participation is required of all scholars.

12 FAQ – Can a scholar earn a degree? Yes, enrolling in a master’s or PhD program is possible. Most courses and seminars are available for credit. A new MSCR program is being developed. It is currently under review by the University.

13 FAQ – What if other coursework is more relevant for a scholar? The program is intended to serve the needs of clinical researchers, broadly defined. If a scholar has special needs, for example in qualitative methods, the curriculum can be adapted to their needs.

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