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Algebraic Expressions and Formulas

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1 Algebraic Expressions and Formulas
We will Evaluate algebraic expressions. We will use mathematical models. We will understand the vocabulary of algebraic expressions. We will Simplify algebraic expressions.

2 Evaluating Algebraic Expressions
We will evaluate algebraic expressions. Evaluating Algebraic Expressions Evaluating an algebraic expression - finding the value for an expression given a value for the variable(s). We can evaluate 3x -2 when x = 8 to be.

3 We can evaluate an expression with multiple variables
-2x + 5xy * 3y when x=2 and y=-4 x(y-5)(z+3) when x=2, y=8, z=-4

4 Vocabulary of Algebraic Expressions
We will understand the vocabulary of algebraic expressions. Vocabulary of Algebraic Expressions Terms - Parts of an algebraic expression that are separated by addition. Coefficient - The numerical part of a term. Numerical term or Constant- a term that consists of just a number. Factors - The parts of each term that are multiplied. Like terms - Terms with the same variable and exponent factors.

5 Properties of Real Numbers
We will simplify algebraic expressions Properties of Real Numbers Commutative Property of addition a + b = b + a Commutative Property of Multiplication a*b = b*a Associative Property of Addition (a+b)+c = a+(b+c) Associative Property of Multiplication (ab)c = a(bc)

6 Distributive Property
a(b+c) = ab + ac a(b-c) = ab - ac ba+ca= (b+c)a

7 Distributive Property Examples
2(x - 9) + 3x -(a+b) 8x + 2[5-(x-3)]

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