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Leader of the band or interested bystander? Elaine Hines – Manager Professional Development NZSTA.

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1 Leader of the band or interested bystander? Elaine Hines – Manager Professional Development NZSTA

2 Objectives What makes a good chairman? Are you fit for purpose? How can you influence performance? The What? So What? Now What?

3 A Good Chairman? 1. Purpose - common purpose, shared values, and aligned vision 2. People - treat them well, earn their trust, respect and loyalty 3. Simplicity – simplicity is the ultimate sophistication 4. Awareness - self aware, organizationally aware, culturally aware, contextually aware, and emotionally aware

4 A leader's dynamic does not come from special powers. It comes from a strong belief in a purpose and a willingness to express that conviction. - Kouzes & Posner.

5 I have an excellent understanding of and commitment to the school vision and values. I believe that people are our most important resource and that relationships in our school community must be based on trust, respect and loyalty. Our board must be culturally responsive, it must seek and listen to the views of our community and engage in meaningful relationships to enhance each student’s learning outcomes. I commit to ensuring simple, transparent process is in place to ensure that student progress and achievement is the primary focus of our board.

6 The reality is anyone can lead, but very few lead well. Will you just show up for board meetings or will you lead well?

7 Can boards make a difference? Original Lighthouse Study (1998–2000): School boards in districts with a history of higher student achievement were significantly different in knowledge, beliefs and actions from the boards in the lower achieving districts. This study became one of the first and only studies that made a credible research-based connection between the work of the school board and levels of student achievement.

8 The Iowa Lighthouse Project (2002–2007): Preliminary results in five pilot districts reveal significant learning about key behaviors of the board/superintendent team that influence district culture and are correlated with higher achievement. When boards in these sites have focused on creating a sense of urgency, developing a districtwide focus for improvement, creating conditions within the system for success, monitoring progress, deliberative policy development, and developing a leadership continuum, student learning results have shown positive trends of improvement.

9 Succession planning & induction Governance framework Effective relationships Effective meetings Primary focus student achievement The Effective Chairman's Goals

10 Succession planning & induction What skills/qualities/gender/ethnicity do we need? What skills/qualities/gender/ethnicity have we? Where are the gaps? How do we fill them? What does a successful induction programme look like?

11 Before putting their hand up, prospective trustees have a right to know: The roles a trustee must play The skills s/he must bring into play The behaviours expected of the team and its individuals

12 Skill/ Attributes Trustee 1Trustee 2Trustee 3Trustee 4Trustee 5Trustee 6Trustee 7 Strategic Analytical Courageous Team player Financial understanding Legal understanding Knowledge of education Culturally aware Gender M/F Ethnic group/s identified with Trustee Audit

13 Governance framework What is governance and management at our school? What does our charter say and is it the basis of all school decision making? What are our policies for ourselves and our expectations and bottom lines for our principal? Have we a 3 year review programme covering strategic, regular and emergent review? Are all our delegations formally recorded?

14 Effective relationships What are the board’s expectations in the following relationships Within the board? Board to principal? Chair to principal? Board to staff/students/parents/iwi/community/proprietor?

15 Target audience ReasonDate Form of communication Person responsible BudgetOutcome School community Charter review July – August 2014 Survey monkey Face to face forums Board charter review working party $1200.00 Information will be used to support the review of the current charter term 4 2014 Board of Trustees Communication Plan

16 Effective Meetings What are our expectations of meetings? Who sets the agenda and what format is it? When do they start and finish? What are the rules around non trustee participation? What format do our meeting minutes take? What reports are presented and in what format?


18 Your role gives you authority Your behaviour gives you respect

19 The motivating team leader is that one person with a dream for the future. - Dr. Losoncy

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