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Vocabulary PowerPoint

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1 Vocabulary PowerPoint
My Brother Martin By Christine King Farris

2 injustice Some people spend their entire lives fighting injustice, or unfairness.

3 Injustice - unfairness

4 numerous If numerous people sign a petition, their many voices can change the laws.

5 Numerous - many

6 segregation Laws on segregation once kept African Americans and white Americans separate.

7 Segregation – keeping two groups of people apart

8 nourishing Many groups hope to end hunger by giving people healthy nourishing food.

9 Nourishing – giving the things needed for good health

10 captured Some leaders have captured, or caught, peoples attention with moving speeches.

11 Captured - caught

12 Many people have a dream of fair treatment for all. It is their goal.

13 Dream – a hope for the future

14 encounters Brief encounters, or meetings, with heroes can inspire kids to work for change.

15 Encounters - experiences with something

16 preferred Some Americans have preferred, or chosen, to work for change as a group.

17 Preferred – liked one thing more than other things.

18 Recall Most people can look back and recall a situation when they were treated unfairly.

19 Recall – remember something and tell people about it.

20 Example It is easy to admire a leader who set an example of fairness and equality.

21 Example – a model of what something should look like

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