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Report Nr. I-25/10 Haus-Em 07/10/676 from 29.11.2010 Prof. Dr. Stefan Hausberger.

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1 Report Nr. I-25/10 Haus-Em 07/10/676 from Prof. Dr. Stefan Hausberger

2 JRC Group on European Research on Mobile Emission Sources (ERMES) The coordinated collection of emission measurement data on passenger cars started as part of the 5th Framework project ARTEMIS, was continued during the work on the HBEFA V3.1 ( and was complemented in the actual study by tests on EURO 5 cars. In total measurements on 367 passenger cars were used for the study. The test results for the type approval cycle (NEDC) and for the CADC (urban, road and motorway) were analyzed to obtain the trends in the development of emission levels from EURO 0 to EURO 5... To compute CO2 emission factors for passenger cars typically a large set of vehicles is tested in different real world cycles. Then simulation tools are used to calculate emission factors from the test results. Since the sample of vehicles tested is limited, the actual data from CO2 monitoring is used to calibrate fuel consumption and CO2 emission factors of the new registered car fleet for each year of registration. Although there are different options for this calibration, the basic assumption is that the relative change of the specific fuel consumption from one model year to another is similar in real world driving as in the CO2 monitoring data. This assumption is also used for predicting future CO2 and fuel consumption values but no detailed analysis on this assumption is available yet. In this work a first analysis was done if the influence of modern vehicle technologies like Start/Stopfunction, improved aerodynamic etc. on fuel consumption is different in the NEDC and in real world cycles (CADC, IATS and IATS cold start)...






8 NEDC New European Driving Cycle CADC Common ARTEMIS Driving Cycle



11 Euro IV Euro V

12 Euro IV Euro V

13 Euro IV Euro V* *EuroV con FAP

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