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Lesson 6H: Two Versions, One Narrative

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1 Lesson 6H: Two Versions, One Narrative
SSR: 10 Minutes – No Journal  Lesson 6H: Two Versions, One Narrative Goals: Compare & contrast language and content in two texts in different genres Explain how a writer’s choices regarding language and content construct the meaning of a text

2 Page 32 1.8 Two Versions of One Narrative
Poem versus Prose? Add prose to vocab! Nonfiction narrative? Notice & Focus What do you notice about the difference in the two titles? What can you infer about the different focus of each version based on these titles? How might the two versions be different based on the differences between poetry and prose?

3 As we read Look for examples in of Diction, Imagery, and Syntax in “Always Running” In the My Notes column, explain why you chose your examples for each; what do they mean? **Setting, Characters, Conflict: What is the important connection among these three elements? **How does the description of the bullies shape your perception of them? (Visualizing) **What about the relationship between the narrator and his brother, at the end?

4 Based on your evidence What inferences about the speaker can you make based on voice? Combination of diction, imagery, and syntax together to create inferences Dig beyond age and intelligence: think about the tone toward the situation as well!

5 Partner Work: “Race” Politics
Now, read the poem version with a partner and look for the same concepts and ideas, and make inferences about the speaker based on your evidence What is the purpose of using fragments? How does the use of repetition affect tone? How does he combine repetition with specific sensory details for effect?

6 Whole Group: Page 37 Collect details from “Always Running” that indicate differences in the way the prose story is told compared to the poetic version of “’Race’ Politics” What was added, what was deleted, and what was altered? What is the effect of these changes?

7 RAFT: Finding a New Speaker (Adopting a New Voice)
Role, Audience, Format, Topic Inferences about the roles of characters in the text, the intended audience, the format the writer uses, and the topic Using what you filled in on the RAFT chart, write an account of the incident from a new perspective Craft a voice and provide information appropriate to context Begin with a statement that indicates your context Incorporate some direct quotations pulled from the text/imagination

8 Exit Ticket: Post It Note
How does changing the speaker, audience, or format influence the telling of an incident?

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