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Chapter 13 Using Print Media

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1 Chapter 13 Using Print Media
William F. Arens Michael F. Weigold Christian Arens McGraw-Hill/Irwin Copyright © 2013 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. All rights reserved.

2 Commercial The Truth Commercial GoForth Commercial

3 Chapter Overview How print advertising enhances the advertiser’s media mix

4 Chapter Objectives Explain the pros and cons of magazine advertising
Discuss how to analyze magazine circulation Discuss how rates are determined for print media Explain the pros and cons of newspaper advertising Describe how newspapers are categorized Define major types of newspaper advertising

5 Q. 1. What are the roles of the Print Media Buyer?

6 Role of the Print Media Buyer
Requires a range of knowledge and abilities Negotiates and contracts with media Understands print media and technology Creatively integrates print media into the mix Knows how to buy media space

7 Newspapers in the Creative Mix
Top 10 U.S. magazine advertisers in 2007


9 Q. 2. What are the pros and cons of magazine advertising?

10 Pros Flexibility Color Authority and Believability Permanence Prestige
Audience selectivity Cost efficiency Selling power Reader loyalty Extensive pass-along readership Merchandizing assistance

11 Cons Lack of immediacy Shallow geographic coverage
Inability to deliver mass audiences at a low price Inability to deliver high frequency Long lead time Heavy advertising competition High cost per thousand Declining circulations

12 Q. 3. What are the ways of using magazines in the creative mix?

13 Magazine Possibilities
Bleed pages Inserts Covers Junior unit Custom magazines Front (first) Inside front (second) Inside back (third) Outside back (fourth) Island halves Magazine-length advertisements Gatefolds

14 Magazine Layout Possibilities

15 Magazine Categories By Content By Reach or Geography By Size Consumer
Farm Business By Reach or Geography Local Regional National By Size Large Flat Standard Small or pocket

16 Q. 4. What are the components of the magazine space buying process?

17 Buying Magazine Space Understanding Circulation
Guaranteed vs. Delivered Primary & Secondary Readership Merchandising Services Understanding Circulation Vertical and Horizontal Paid and Controlled Circulation Subscription and Vendor Sales

18 Buying Magazine Space Advertising Age is a good example of a vertical publication

19 Buying Magazine Space Cost per thousand: Factors Affecting Ad Rate
Page rate = CPM (Circulation ÷ 1,000) Factors Affecting Ad Rate Discounts for frequency or volume Premiums for color, bleeds, covers, or special market editions Print Media-Buying Software saves time; adds flexibility and control

20 Newspapers in the Creative Mix
Who uses newspapers? Ad spending trend for newspapers 44% of adults read daily papers Each section read by 2/3 of readers 46 million newspapers sold daily; 2.3 readers per paper $21 billion spent on ads in 2011 13.6% spent on newspaper Web sites

21 Newspapers in the Creative Mix
Top 10 U.S. newspaper advertisers in 2006

22 Using Newspapers in the Creative Mix
Top 10 newspaper advertisers in the United States in 2005 Insert ex. 15-5, p. 495 Top 10 newspaper advertisers in the U.S. Position = 2.9” horiz., 1.5” vertical Size = 5.7” WIDE Resolution: 300 dpi

23 Newspapers in the Creative Mix

24 Q. 5. What are the pros and cons of Newspaper advertising?

25 Pros Mass medium Local medium Comprehensive in scope
Geographic selectivity Timeliness Creditability Selective attention Creative flexibility An active medium A permanent record Reasonable cost

26 Cons Lack of selectivity Short life span
Low production quality clutter Lack of control Overlapping circulation

27 Q. 6. How are newspapers used in the creative mix?

28 Newspaper Categories By Frequency By Size By Audience Daily Weekly
Standard Tabloid SAU System By Audience Ethnic/Foreign Language Business/ Financial Groups/ Professions

29 Newspaper Categories Other Types of Newspapers Sunday newspapers
Syndicated supplements Independent shopping guide National newspapers

30 Q. 7. What are the types of newspaper advertising?

31 Types of Ads Display Classified Public Notices Preprinted Inserts
Regular display ads Regular classifieds Legalities Catalogs Gov’t reports Brochures Reading notices Classified Displays Private/org notices Coupons Co-op programs Financial reports Mail-Back Devices

32 Types of Ads Virgin Mobile’s 2011 Valentine’s Day display ad

33 Q. 8. What are the components of the newspaper space buying process?

34 Buying Newspaper Space
Local vs. National Rates Flat and Discount Rates Split Runs Understanding Readership and Circulation Short Rate ROP vs. Preferred Position Combination Rates Color

35 Buying Newspaper Space
Co-ops and Networks Insertion Orders Who pays and when One ad, many dealers Tearsheets One order one bill Verifies ad ran

36 Print: A Worldwide Medium

37 Print: A Worldwide Medium
Every country has newspapers and magazines Wealthy, well-educated consumers read English Political changes spurred new trade magazines Satellite-to-cable broadcast options supplement print

38 Print Media & New Technologies
Web site adds value by following up with in-depth news

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