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Umlazi District Principals meeting Glenwood High school 01 October 2014.

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1 Umlazi District Principals meeting Glenwood High school 01 October 2014





6 To ensure printing of textbooks, Indicative quantities were given to publishers for printing on the 18 th August 2014. Department has since appointed a Managing Agent to undertake the functions of procuring, receiving, picking and packing and distribution to schools.

7 Textbooks are expected to be received from 16 th September 2014 and deliveries to schools are expected to take place from the 26 th September 2014. To ensure qualitative provision of stationery, the Department has tried various models and have opted to provide stationery in learner packs per grade. This will ensure that every learner is provided with a basic pack for stationery. Section 2 of the Constitution provides for the equitable access of Education to all learners. Deliveries of stationery are expected to commence on 26 th September 2014 to schools.

8 With regards to Other LTSM, schools were given autonomy to determine their LTSM priorities and also to move away from the quota system of procurement. The Schools can determine their own needs and submit and EF 72 and to procure in terms of SCM prescripts. This process is underway and deliveries are to be finalized by 30 th November 2014.

9 The Department of Basic Education is continuing to print and deliver all workbooks directly to schools. Deliveries are expected to commence on 30 th September 2014: - – Schools are to check all consignments immediately in the presence of the driver. – All problems to be reported immediately to DBE and Circuit Offices by the schools as per KZN Circular 67 of 2014. – In addition to schools reporting shortfalls and requests for additional workbooks to DBE, LTSM section will assist and report the shortfall and requests to the LTSM Provincial Office in PMB. – Additional workbooks must be requested before 31 st January 2015.









18 30. District ICT matters (e-Education)   CSS:ICT circular: circular 03 of 2014  (this circular highlights new approach to District ICT activities).  Mobile ICT laboratory for ICT integration ( 8 Schools involved)  ICASA Vodacom Connectivity ( 59 Schools are involved)  (mobile trolley with 26 x 10.1” tablet, Laptop, Server, router)  CSS: ICT circular 01 of 2015 will be releases and uploaded to the website.  ICT integration guideline document will be released.  School must have an ICT Strategy and an ICT Champion.  Software Licence issue and Open Office  e-Education capacity building and IT capacity building for IT Educators. 31. Vote of thanks 32. Closure


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