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Chapter 20- Cold War & Postwar Challenges Chapter 20 Review.

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1 Chapter 20- Cold War & Postwar Challenges Chapter 20 Review

2 Terms & People countries with both military powers and political influence –superpowers U.S. promise of anticommunism support- –Truman Doctrine tactic used to overcome a Soviet blockade- –Berlin Air Lift military alliance of Soviet allies- –Warsaw Pact vs.

3 Terms & People Khrushchev’s policy of undoing his predecessor’s more ruthless policies –d–de-Stalinization the manufacture of machines and equipment for factories and mines –h–heavy industry first space satellite –S–Sputnik I Yugoslav leader who resisted Stalin’s control –T–Tito

4 nation in which the government provides services and a minimum living standard to all –welfare state the actual purchasing power of income –real wages title of German head of state –chancellor group of nations with a common purpose –bloc

5 The city of ________, which was located deep inside the Soviet zone of a postwar divided Germany, was itself divided into four zones. Berlin

6 To stop the _______________________, the United States adopted a policy toward the Soviet Union of containment. spread of communism

7 The Truman Doctrine was formulated, initially, as a response to the 1946 withdrawal of British aid to __________. Greece

8 The _______________ was designed to restore the economic stability of European nations after World War II. Marshall Plan

9 The ____________________________, founded in 1949, was the Soviet Union’s response to the Marshall Plan. Council for Mutual Economic Assistance

10 U.S. fears about the spread of communism were increased when ____________ became a Communist nation in 1949. China

11 The “Bay of Pigs” refers to a U.S. attempt to overthrow the _____________ government. Cuban

12 The ___________________ was built in order to prevent East Germans from defecting to West Germany. Berlin Wall

13 Even after Stalin’s death in 1953, the _____________________ made it clear that it would NOT allow Eastern European satellites to become independent of control. Soviet Union

14 In response to Nagy’s declaration of Hungarian independence, Khrushchev reacted by attacking ___________________ Budapest

15 Which Communist nation remained independent of Soviet control? –Yugoslavia

16 The “Prague Spring” of Alexander Dubcek was forestalled in 1968 when the______________ army invaded Czechoslovakia Soviet

17 French president ________________ attempted to return France to the status of a world power by investing heavily in nuclear weapons. Charles de Gaulle

18 Which nation declined economically after World War II? –Great Britain

19 The U.S. senator responsible for the anti- Communist movement known as the “Red Scare” was ________________________ Joseph McCarthy

20 Increases in workers’ wages, increased credit, and built-up demand for postwar goods led to the creation of what some people have called the _________________ consumer society

21 Postwar birthrates rose in the late 1940s and 1950s, creating a ______________________ baby boom

22 _________________of the late 1960s were reactions against the Vietnam War, university policies and administrations, & alienation of the individual from society Student protests

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