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Chapter 19 Sport Pedagogy.

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1 Chapter 19 Sport Pedagogy

2 Definition of Sport Pedagogy
Study of the processes of teaching and coaching Includes content of fitness, physical education, and sport education programs Encompasses both school programs and physical education and community-based programs Pedagogy refers to teaching in a broad sense

3 Sport Pedagogy vs. Teacher Education
Involvement with lifelong activities of: Sport Fitness Physical education Teaching occurs in: Schools Community programs Club programs

4 Development of Sport Pedagogy
Youngest of the sport sciences Emergence during the 1960’s due to low quality of university education departments During the 1970’s, teacher education became more specialized Important milestone was reached in 1981, Journal of Teaching Physical Education (JTPE) was published Contributions toward coaching certification movement started recently

5 Current Status of Sport Pedagogy
Demands for teachers has risen during the 1990’s The need for teacher-education positions has increased at the university level Research and scholarship continue to develop Instructional strategies and management of classrooms have changed to support student needs

6 Areas of Study Within Sport Pedagogy
Teacher behavior Student behavior Teacher effectiveness Teacher issues Curriculum

7 What Do Sport Pedagogists Do?
Employed as teacher educators in departments of physical education Roles include: Teaching sport skills Teaching methods Elementary school PE methods Secondary school PE methods Supervising on campus clinical experiences Supervising student teachers

8 How to Prepare to be a Sport Pedagogist?
Doctoral specialization Undergraduate degree in PE and teaching certification Minimum three years teaching experience Research and theory courses as well as coursework in education department

9 Current Issues and Problems in Sport Pedagogy
Should there be a National PE curriculum? How can teacher-coach role conflict be lessened? How can schools develop effective fitness programs without taking allotted instructional time to do so? How to reduce teacher burnout? How to prepare youth sport coaches effectively?

10 Current Issues and Problems in Sport Pedagogy, cont’d
How much sport skill training should teachers have? Should sport training be oriented towards performance or to teach the activity for lifetime enjoyment? How should field-based teaching be supervised? How can teachers improve communication between instructor and student?

11 Chapter 19 Sport Pedagogy

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