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© eg solutions plc Global Workforce Optimisation for the Back Office eg operational intelligence ® Elizabeth Gooch | October 2014.

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1 © eg solutions plc Global Workforce Optimisation for the Back Office eg operational intelligence ® Elizabeth Gooch | October 2014

2 © eg solutions plc 2 Elizabeth Gooch Acting CEO, eg solutions plc

3 © eg solutions plc 3 Most complete purpose built Back-Office WFO suite Pioneered new and emerging market segment Tried, tested and proven solutions – 26 years experience International blue chip client base – UK and global Financial Services Companies Fixed cost, fixed timescales and guaranteed benefits – 20-40% improvement in productivity while improving the end customer experience Strategic partnership and re-seller agreement with Aspect Software True end-to-end insight and control of the customer experience About eg solutions plc Introduction

4 © eg solutions plc 4 The Back Office Problem Varied, complex and multi-stage processes Many input channels Variety of new and legacy systems High degree of manual interaction despite the investment in technology Many locations and varied working patterns The Requirement: Improve customer service and quality, demonstrate compliance and reduce cost The Challenge: Managing ‘conflicting’ variables The Solution: Right people, right skills, right place, right work, right time Back Office Optimisation

5 © eg solutions plc 5 Back Office Optimisation

6 © eg solutions plc 6 eg operational intelligence ® software suite Real-Time Work Management Multi-Channel Transaction Capture Virtual Queue Creation & Capacity Planning Work Prioritisation & Allocation Intra-process Management Performance Monitoring Quality Assurance Service Delivery Operations Quality Assurance Reporting and Analytics Performance Reports (Service; Throughput; Productivity; Skills; Quality) Performance Scorecards & Dashboards End-to-End Process Analytics Standard; Personalised and Diagnostic Performance Management and Business Improvement Operations MI Teams Process Improvement Teams Strategic Planning and Forecasting Forecasting Resource Scheduling What-if Modelling Activity Based Costing Holiday Planning Agent Self Service Planning & Forecasting Strategic Planners Operations Centralised Planning Finance Marketing Unique Functionality Back Office Optimisation

7 © eg solutions plc 7 eg has the “most complete purpose built back office optimisation product available” Only four key players in Back Office WFO: Verint, Nice, Aspect/eg, Genesys eg wins deals with product leadership & domain expertise WFO Industry and Competitive Trends Market Opportunity 40+ Over 40 global brands using eg operational intelligence ® Largest footprint of successful deployments with over 100,000 licences sold throughout the world $3.4bn Addressable market projected to grow 20% to $500m by 2018

8 © eg solutions plc 8 Global Workforce Management Drivers Controlling workforce costs and increasing transparency are key business objectives throughout the world - major consultancies building £50m Workforce Optimisation practices in response to this demand 8 Market Opportunity Increasing Regulation Increasing requirement for greater transparency in all sectors Technology + Business Transformation Customer service provision remains a people intensive business Improving Economies Companies remain cost conscious £ Saturated Markets Retain customers with improved service and increase profitability. High Growth Markets Remain competitive and avoid the problems of the past

9 © eg solutions plc 9 Initial IPO June 2005 to develop product and market 1 2 Developed market leading software with unique capability: “Most complete, purpose built back office optimisation product available” * Secured blue chip client base of over 40 major UK & Global brands; financial services, outsourcers, utilities & retailers. High client retention rates and referenceability Pioneered Back Office Workforce Optimisation market; now emerging as a new market with $3bn potential Secured pilot projects with global customers & global distribution & re-seller partnership with Aspect Software Inc. Now positioned to exploit this position to achieve growth in revenues and profits * Donna Fluss, President DMG Consulting – Leading WFM Analyst Exploiting the potential Investing for Growth Market OpportunityGrowth 3456

10 © eg solutions plc 10 Transforming our Financial Performance Current Trading & Financials Financial Year Ending 31 January 201020112012201320142015 FYE Revenue415051484714495144567200 Gross Margin %69.8%70.8%73.8%64.8%65.1%65.0% PBT99355146(458)(1479)300 Adj EBITDA478899829410(502)1,200 Adj EBITDA %1217188(11)17 Acquisition & integration of XTAQ Ltd. Investment in global customers 2012 - 2014 2014 investment in: Aspect Expanded delivery team Increased Sales Team & Executive Changing Revenue Model Costs will now stabilise + margins improve as we capitalise on the investments made Investing for Growth

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