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Book by: Elaine Marie Alphin Book Report by: Angelique.

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1 Book by: Elaine Marie Alphin Book Report by: Angelique

2 Plot In my opinion the rising action was when Alexander and his dad went to a friends of the dad and his father stated that he wanted to marry his friend they went to visit (encase your wondering it was a woman) I thought that rising action was when they went to a historical museum and I got a few of my questions answered. when I got to the climax I got a few more questions, they all got answered by the end of the climax. The falling action was when they found everyone’s family thanks to Alexander and the overall theme would be historical and realistic fiction if you ask me.

3 Main characters Alexander- Likes the recorder, Loves to see ghosts, Enjoys planting flowers Rich- Truly cares for his sister, Good singing voice, Can play harmonica Page- Truly in love with Alexander’s father, Good heart, 2 kids Nicole- Despises her little brother, Enjoys hanging with her friends, Not the biggest fan of Alexander Clarington- Young talkative child, likes cannons, Enjoys being around Alexander Alexander’s father- Doesn’t believe in ghost, has no hope left about his wife returning, Loves Alexander

4 Setting The main overall setting was in North Carolina

5 Opinion/Recommendation I think this was a really good book. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes realistic books that tell you a little about our Countries history. This book is realistic except the part for ghost but the rest is all pretty realistic. I enjoyed my reading mainly because it tells you history but it has a specific point of view and you have to remember the sad story happened to many others than just this one main character.

6 Project #17

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