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Better Outcomes, Better Futures Sue Neilson, Depute Director Adults Care Inspectorate.

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1 Better Outcomes, Better Futures Sue Neilson, Depute Director Adults Care Inspectorate

2 National policy context Integration of Health and Social Care Self Directed Support National Health & Wellbeing Outcomes Carers Strategy National Care Standards Reshaping Care for Older People Keys to Life – Learning Disability Strategy Dementia Strategy The Housing Act Welfare Reform Act ……..

3 Key policy Integration of Health & Social Care National Health and Wellbeing Outcomes

4 National Outcomes Healthier living Independent living Positive experiences and outcomes Carers are supported Services are safe Engaged workforce Effective resource use

5 National Care Standards Written for people using services What people should expect from their care/service provider 23 different sets Out of date (2002)

6 Proposed model Over arching standards for all services – charter Human Rights Approach Generic standards – reduce the 23 sets to a core set Management and Leadership, Quality Assurance, Personalisation, Environment/safety, Well trained and compassionate staff, Keeping well Specialist standards (pick and mix approach) Nutrition for older people, oral health, size of bedrooms in care homes, educational opportunities for children, intermediate care, financial support (incapacity), palliative care, support with medicines

7 Regulation Focus on improved outcomes for people Inspection –Care & Support Theme Statement 1.2 - We enable service users to make individual choices and ensure that every service user can be supported to achieve their potential. –Personal Plans - assessment of the individuals needs and how they will be monitored, reviewed and met. –Self assessment eg use as a source of evidence for involving people in the design and development of the service. –Evidences the overall quality of service provision and performance against service objectives and planned outcomes. –Demonstrate how people who use the service influence their own support and care arrangements in keeping with their own aspirations. –Outcomes frameworks offers a structure by which to review and adjust support depending on the needs and aspirations of the individual.

8 New inspection methodology Why? Current methodology has been used for number of years - need more focus on outcomes. Use a one size fits all for all types of care services. Need to build better links between strategic and regulated care service inspections. To take account of the changing policy landscape and the proposed national outcomes.

9 Commonalities Joined-up Seamless care Whole systems approach Person centred Respect Dignity Choice Safe Independence Own home Best Value Quality Experience

10 Why are good outcomes so important? Chance to refocus on what matters to people who use those services. Enables people to influence, direct and monitor their own support. Gives the ‘control’ back to people. Encourages people to have a "voice" – their say about things that affect their quality of life and the decisions they are able to make. Benefits for workforce and supports the development/improvement of organisations.


12 “I have relationships with family and friends I care about. I do things that are important to me. I am involved in my community. I am respected and treated fairly. I have privacy. I have a stable life. I have the best possible health. I feel safe. I have the opportunity to judge for myself what is safe. I make decisions regarding my supports and services. People respect my decisions”.


14 Summary National policy and other developments are driving the focus on improved outcomes - along with public expectations. The human rights based NHCS will support this approach and the CI will inspect against these. All services and providers need to adapt to the changes in policy and evolving models of care. Better Futures provides framework to support, measure and report on person centred care – such frameworks should be adopted by all care services


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