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Tuesday, October 28 OBJECTIVE DO-FIRST

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1 Tuesday, October 28 OBJECTIVE DO-FIRST Describe a time when you got into a fight with a friend. What caused the fight? Were you able to resolve the drama and become friends again or did you lose that friend? If you were able to stay friends, how did you resolve the argument? You will be able to analyze the British and American point of view after the French and Indian War

2 Unit TWO: Road to revolution
Causes of the American Revolution

3 The French and Indian War: Understanding P.O.V.
Every story has two sides to it—even in history! As we learn about the French and Indian War, we will explore BOTH sides of the story—the British and the American perspectives.

4 NOTES: The French and Indian War
The French and Indian War was a conflict between France and Britain over colonial territory in North America. Before the war, land to the west of the 13 colonies was owned by France. Much of the land in the Ohio River Valley, however, was claimed by BOTH the French and the British.

5 BEFORE the War: Use this map to shade in the British, French, and disputed territories in North America before the start of the war.

6 War Breaks Out! The French wanted to control this region, and they got upset when the British colonists tried to trade with the Natives in the Ohio Valley region. War broke out between France and Great Britain. Eventually, the British won the French and Indian War. France agreed to give over control of most territory to Great Britain. The British took control of almost all French land east of the Mississippi River.

7 AFTER the War: Use this map to shade in the British territory after the war had ended (purple)

8 British POV The British, who had spent millions on defending the colonies, believed that it was only fair to have the American colonists help pay for the war they had just won. The British King was also tired of spending money on defending the colonists from attacks by Native Americans. To avoid conflict between the Natives and American colonists, he created the Proclamation Line of According to this proclamation, no colonists could settle west of this line (west of the Appalachian Mountains).

American colonists believe that after helping Britain fight this war, they have the right to settle west of the Proclamation Line. They are also angry that King George III is passing new taxes on the colonies, without allowing Americans to vote in Parliament. They argue that “taxation without representation” is unjust.

10 The French & Indian War + The Proclamation Line of 1763
SIGNIFICANCE: As we watch answer the following question: How did the French & Indian War and the Proclamation Line of 1763 eventually cause the American Revolution? STUDENT ANSWER: (think-write-pair-share) TEACHER ANSWER: This disagreement between England and the American colonists is the FIRST MAJOR CAUSE for the American Revolution. This incident marks the first time when colonists argue that the King cannot tax colonists unless they have representation in Parliament.

11 Activity: Comic Strip! We just learned about one of the FIRST major causes that led to the American Revolution. For your activity, you will create a colorful comic strip that shows these historic events. Your images should depict the British POV and the American colonists’ POV!

12 Hoot Outs Our hoot out recipient for this week is….

13 Target Mastery: 80% or above!
For each unit assessment, we recognize and praise our teammates who are scoring within or above our target mastery level! If I call your name, please come up to the front and place your target mastery sticker on the poster!

14 Take out your green folders!
We will now hand back graded papers from last week. Place your graded work in the right pocket. Remember to get your parent signature on the test tonight 

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