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Dr. Ahmet APAN Deputy Director General Ankara, 11 May 2015.

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1 Dr. Ahmet APAN Deputy Director General Ankara, 11 May 2015


3 e-RESIDENCE (Centralized Appointment System) A. e-RESIDENCE FIRST APPLICATION Work Flow Impact B. e-RESIDENCE EXTENSION APPLICATION Work Flow Impact Targets Konu Başlıkları OUTLINE



6 Foreigners gather the required documents Application reviewed by case officer Negative assessment ? No Proof of application is issued First application form Yes Refusal of the application


8 Proof of application is received from provincial directorate Foreigners collect the required documents

9 e-Residence A centralized appointment system has been developed for the provincial migration directorates. Residence permit application form will be filled out online by the applicants and transferred to GÖÇNET database. Foreigners who intend to stay in Turkey longer than 90 days are obliged to apply via the centralized appointment system for a residence permit that is appropriate for their purpose of stay.

10 e-Residence Four types of residence permits via e-residence (first application): 1.Long term residence permit 2.Short term residence permit 3.Family residence permit 4.Student residence permit

11 e-Residence Appointments made through foreigners departments of TNP before 18 May 2015 will be also considered valid. However, these appointments must be re-registered over the new system. Foreigners are expected to present original appointment papers when available. Foreigner who was given an appointment date and wishes to re-register through the new system must present the initially received date and case number. When a foreigner’s information is entered to the new system, a residence permit application form will be produced automatically by the system. The foreigner is granted the right to legally reside in Turkey with this form until the appointment date. However, this document does not grant the foreigner the right to exit and reenter the country.

12 The foreigner is expected to appear in person at the provincial directorate of migration on the exact date and time of appointment. Otherwise, the application will be refused. Residence permit of a foreigner is valid from the date when her/his visa expires. However, the date when the appointment is made can be registered as the first day of residence permit upon request (If her/his appointment date is before her/his visa expires. Application for changing the type of residence permit or the purpose of stay must be filed via e-residence system before the current residence permit expires. e-Residence

13 If there are missing documents among those submitted on the date of appointment, the foreigner will be given max. 30 days to complete the application. The 30 day period begins on the date when the foreigner appears at the provincial directorate of migration for appointment. If the foreigner does not present the missing documents within 30 days, then she/he will be considered to have abandoned the application. Then this person will be charged a penalty fee and removal procedures will be initiated immediately. e-Residence

14 Outcomes With the new system, first applications as well as applications for a change of status will become better manageable. Time spent on data entry will be minimized for both parties and waiting times will be shortened. Services will be of higher quality and sustainable. The volume of processing is expected to increase significantly.

15 3 Steps - Easy Process Fill out forms Collect documents Visit office



18 Application for extension process begins with online application via e-Residence system.

19 Fill out extension application form Pay fees (application fee and card fee) Mail all documents Application reviewed by case officers Yes Notification sent to the applicant A negative assessment? No

20 Online Extension An online residence extension form has been developed for foreigners to be able to extend their current residence permits online. This system aims to reduce the work load and red tape at the provincial directorates of migration caused by foreigners who are expected to personally appear at these offices by accessing foreigner’s information via GÖÇNET. The system will be available in multiple languages besides Turkish: English, Russian, Arabic…

21 Online Extension Applications for humanitarian residence permit extensions or extensions for the permits of victims of human trafficking must be made in person at the provincial directorates of migration. If the foreigner renews passport while holding a valid residence permit, then an appointment must be made using the new system. Even if the application is filed online, the provincial directorate of migration reserves the right to send a summons to the foreigner who then will be required to appear in person and present additional documents. After all data is entered into the system, a proof of application that shows all personal information and paid fees is created electronically. However, the foreigner is not allowed to exit the country or re-enter the country unless he/she gets the proof of application stamped by the provincial directorate of migration.

22 Online Extension There are two types of fees to be paid by foreigners: 1. Card fee (55 TRY in 2015) 2. Application fee *Application fee to be paid by foreigners will be calculated by the system in consideration of the residence permit duration, nationality, whether the spouse is a Turkish citizen or not. *Foreigners must pay these fees separately and present two receipts as proof of payment. Payment can be made to the local department of finance, provincial fiscal offices or banks approved by the Ministry of Finance. After paying the fees, the foreigner must mail all documents as well as one of two copies of payment receipts to the provincial directorate of migration via the certified mail service.

23 Online Extension Applicant will be held responsible for any mismatch between the declared information and the information presented in the mailed documents as well as a failure to review the case due to any missing document. Applicant will not be held responsible for postal service delays or other external delivery issues. An application is considered complete only when all documents and all required information are delivered to the provincial directorate of migration by mail. Duration for the review of a case is 90 days. If the evaluation of the case may take longer, the foreigner is informed of the delay. If the foreigner wishes to make any change to the application after mailing the form and the documents, then the foreigner is required to make a request in person to the provincial directorate of migration.

24 Outcomes In addition to other benefits of the new system mentined above, disabled persons and persons with health conditions are now allowed to renew their applications when needed. The system will help create a systematic structure that can support the prevention of irregular migration because it will allow the applications to be filed only within the legally allowed period of time.

25 3 Steps - Easy Process

26 Targets Collect fees online using a virtual POS Incorporate other residence permit related procedures into this system Receive first applications from consulates abroad through a similar work flow Transfer fees collected by consulates directly to the national treasury by making it possible to collect fees online and ensure that consulate officers will not have to handle fiscal tasks. Improve country’s image by forming a more effective, rapid and manageable residence permit system. Ensure that foreigners can file applications via smartphones by developing a mobile software application.

27 Conclusion DGMM is working towards realizing a vital transitional operation on 18 May 2015. In order to finalize the transition process of provincial directorates, DGMM is making strenuous efforts. During this period, DGMM kindly requests support of all embassies, consulates and all liaison officers to build a better communication system between DGMM and foreign nationals who intend to apply for residence permits in Turkey. DGMM is willing to cooperate with you all so that foreigners can be informed of the new system and submit their applications using a faster and more reliable system that DGMM has built.


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