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Joint Services Transcript (JST) C-COME Conference October 2014.

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1 Joint Services Transcript (JST) C-COME Conference October 2014

2 Merge to ‘Purple’ Transcript Uniform transcript for Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard 3 Sections  Long ACE transcript  Summary  Academic Page Air Force 2

3 Value of the Military Transcript Degree completion Training and certification verification Employment Job advancement Skills documentation Advanced college placement Courses in certification programs State credentials verification Resume development Validation of credit recommendations.

4 The Joint Services Transcript (JST) 4

5 Member’s Individual Record ACE Guide The JST Service’s Registrar System Quality and Integrity of the JST Academically accepted Validates  Occupational experience  Formal military training Aligns ACE college credit recommendations Owned and issued by the respective service  Central support services JST Operations ACE supplies data  performs quality checks on the transcript  cannot make changes to JST

6 6 Components of the JST Transcript Core  Course Completions  Military Experience  College-level Test Scores  Other Learning Experiences (OLE) Summary Page  Displays ACE credit recommendations only  SOC Transferability Codes Academic Institution Page  College courses  Certificates, Degrees, Licenses and Apprenticeships

7 Supporting Institutions Free transcripts online  Delivery turnaround 24 hours  Multiple accounts  Future college manager, manager accounts at institute, see who and when transcripts were viewed, change ‘batch’ to individual via flag Technical assistance for online accounts  Secure; PDF format  Batching / individual  Online ordering Limited “mail outs” Error reporting via email 7

8 Supporting Service members and Veterans Access  Active, reserve, veterans  Online; 24-hours Transcript Build Advising  ESO / Education Center Access  Unofficial copies 8

9 9 Official Transcripts

10 JST Future Vision Self Help Service Change to Descending Order College Manager module  Academic Institutions can set options  Manage own online accounts Online Reports for SMEs Add start dates to occupations Add SAT scores (initial – Army) Air Force Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) 10

11 Transcript Support JST Frequently Asked Questions JST Video and Resources DANTES Programs ACE Military Transcripts Portal 11

12 Service Contacts Army  Email:  HRC Helpdesk: (888) 276-9472 or 1-888- ARMYHRC Marine Corps  Email:  Fax: (850) 452-1909 Navy – transitioning to JST  Email:  Phone: 1-877-838-1659  Fax: 1-757-492-5095 Coast Guard  Email:  Fax: (405) 954-7249 12

13 JST Operations Web: https://jst.doded.mil Fax: (850) 473-5694 Email: (respond within 24 hours, first work day if holiday or weekend) Laurine Anderson, PM (850) 473-6365 Loueen McGrath, Application Lead/SME (850) 473-6360 13

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