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Video conference GVC3200 GAC2200 Grandstream Products

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2 Video conference GVC3200 GAC2200 Grandstream Products
Video Conferencing System GAC2200 Audio Conference Phone

3 GVC3200 Video Conferencing System
Grandstream Products – Video conference GVC3200 Video Conferencing System Android 4.4 based with native support for Skype, Lync, Google Hangouts, SIP, and more Embedded MCU with up to 4-way 1080p video conference and remote screen sharing Advanced remotely controllable PTZ camera with wide angle lens and 12x optical zoon Gigabit network port, integrated Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, and Miracast 3 HDMI output ports for 3 screen view and screen sharing 1 VGA/HDMI input port, USB and SD ports Includes Bluetooth based multi-touch remote control and mounting kit

4 Powered By AndroidTM GVC3200 – Video conference
Android 4.4 based – with full access to the ever expanding Google Play Store Custom applications available through the Android SDK Integrated support for popular video conferencing applications, including SkypeTM, Microsoft Lync®, Google Hangouts, Go To Meeting®, BlueJeans, etc.

5 Surpassing the Competition
GVC3200 – Video conference Surpassing the Competition The GVC3200 is like no other video conferencing system on the market. A competitive price point, paired with innovative and one-of-a-kind features makes the GVC3200 a game changer in the video communications market. Android 4.4, allows access to the Google Play Store, as well as the Android SDK for customized applications Built-in MCU and camera in one device Wide angle lens with 12x optical zoom Mounting kit and external speaker included Intuitive Bluetooth touchpad remote 3-HDMI ports for multi-screen views and screen sharing Seamless conference bridging between SIP calls and Android applications No licensing fees or firmware update costs

6 Intuitive Bluetooth Remote
GVC3200 – Video conference Intuitive Bluetooth Remote Included with the GVC3200 comes a Bluetooth touchpad remote – featuring an easy to use Android interface Bluetooth 4.0 compliant 3-point touch pad 0-9, #, * DTMF keys 5 navigation keys, 3 Android keys, 4 functional keys, 3 multi-purpose keys Supports OTA firmware upgrade Powered by 2 AA batteries

7 Interoperability with Major Platforms
GVC3200 – Video conference Interoperability with Major Platforms The GVC3200 is interoperable with many major brands and models of video conferencing devices for easy use with existing systems

8 Screen Sharing for Enhanced Collaboration
GVC3200 – Video conference Screen Sharing for Enhanced Collaboration The GVC3200 features 3 HDMI outputs, allowing extra screens to be used for sharing presentations, videos, documents and more directly from a PC Attendee 2 Attendee 1 Shared Presentation

9 Video Conference with the GXV3240 & GXV3275
GVC3200 – Video conference Video Conference with the GXV3240 & GXV3275 Can’t be in the conference room? Attend a video conference directly from a GXV3240 or GXV3275 Android video phone

10 Point to Point Communication with the GVC3200
GVC3200 – Video conference Point to Point Communication with the GVC3200 Direct IP Call Boston Headquarters Casablanca Office

11 GVC3200 – Video conference Mix Video Calling Platforms for an Integrated Video Communication Solution Mix SIP video calls from the GVC3200 with other video conferencing devices and Android video calling applications such as Skype, Google Hangouts, Go To Meeting and more Office 1: GVC3200 SIP Call Remote Worker: Skype Video Call Office 2: TelyHD Pro

12 GVC3200 Package Content GVC3200 – Video conference
The GVC3200 comes complete with a comprehensive package including speaker, mounting kit and cables – everything you need to begin setting up Packaging list for the GVC3200 includes: GVC3200 unit – MCU and camera in one device External speaker (not shown) Bluetooth remote control 12V power adapter set 5m HDMI cable 5m USB extension cable 1.5m Ethernet cable 1.5m HDMI cable Wall mounting bracket All necessary screws and bolts

13 GAC2200 Audio Conference Phone
Grandstream Products – Audio conference GAC2200 Audio Conference Phone The GAC2200 is a innovative audio conference phone, running AndroidTM 4.4, with native support for SIP, Skype, Lync, Google Hangouts etc. The GAC2200 features an embedded audio conference bridge to host 6-way conference with high fidelity sound quality. Android 4.4 based, up to 6-way conference 4.3” color LCD capacitive touch screen 3 microphones with 12ft voice pickup range, 1 8W speaker with 15ft coverage range Gigabit network port, integrated Bluetooth, USB and headset jacks

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