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Worksite Wellness Programs

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1 Worksite Wellness Programs
Case analysis of digital health communication efforts in three university settings: Tufts University, Brown University, and University of Massachusetts, Lowell Why you selected these organizations: university setting; spread out; broad range of programs Nicole Schultz July 20, 2014

2 Outline The Worksite Wellness Trend
Common Challenges in University Worksite Wellness Case Studies Tufts University Brown University University of Massachusetts, Lowell Recommendations

3 Worksite Wellness Improve employee health to control health care costs
Reduce burden of chronic disease Absenteeism & “Presenteeism” Offered by health plans, outside vendors, or employer Large variation in program components Overall, aim to help employees: Maintain healthy lifestyles Achieve work-life balance Cope with stress Boost morale and productivity

4 Common Challenges Lack of employee participation
Expensive to implement Sustained behavior change Creating a culture of wellness

5 Tufts University Wellness
Goal: To address and improve employees’ health and quality of life while slowing down the rising cost of health care for employee and employer Target Audience: Faculty and Staff

6 Tufts University Wellness
Only have website Not user-friendly  hard to navigate

7 Tufts University Wellness
Contact information available

8 Tufts University Wellness

9 Tufts University Wellness
Haven’t updated

10 Tufts University Wellness
Inactive links

11 Tufts University Wellness
Use an eHealth portal  have a portal guide

12 Tufts: SWOT Analysis Strengths Weaknesses
Clear contact information eHealth portal user guide Infrastructure to support program Health and Wellness Advisory Group (HWAG) Inactive links Webpage hard to navigate No apparent use of social media Lack of information Opportunities Threats Use of social media Developing website Organizational support HWAG Busy target audience 3 campuses Funding Resources

13 Recommendations Website improvements Implement social media strategies
Ease of navigation Update and expand information about services and programs Update links Link to social media Implement social media strategies Inform Connect Support Recommendations about how each organization can improve their digital strategy including some easy or low resource initiatives and some that would be harder or more resource-intensive to implement.

14 Brown University Wellness
Health Promotion Mission Statement …to promote healthy lifestyles by educating, enhancing awareness and encouraging positive behavioral changes for all Brown University employees in the areas of health education, exercise, nutrition, smoking cessation and stress management. Objective Encourage employees to reduce their health risks and improve their health and well-being both at home and on the job Target Audience: Faculty and Staff

15 Brown University Wellness
Easy navigation on the side with calendar of events on right

16 Brown University Wellness
Everything in one place

17 Brown University Wellness Rewards
Well Rewards Info

18 Brown University Wellness

19 Brown University Wellness
Facebook presence

20 Brown University Wellness
Facebook presence

21 Brown: SWOT Analysis Strengths Weaknesses Facebook page
Private Google site Program and FAQ documents Easy navigation Calendar of events Updated blog Dull colors Crowded layout Opportunities Threats Expand social media to Twitter and other platforms Use of mobile application Funding Resources Sustained engagement

22 Recommendations Website improvements Expand social media presence
Colors Layout Add navigation to left panel Expand social media presence Consider additional platforms, such as Twitter Recommendations about how each organization can improve their digital strategy including some easy or low resource initiatives and some that would be harder or more resource-intensive to implement.

23 University of Massachusetts: Lowell Wellness
Goals: Preventing, tracking and remedying workplace hazards and providing a workplace environment that promotes overall health and wellbeing. Vision: Students, faculty and staff will collaborate to promote healthy environments and personal health as part of our campus culture of learning and working with purpose. Target Audience: Faculty and Staff

24 UMass, Lowell Wellness

25 UMass, Lowell Wellness

26 UMass, Lowell Wellness Campus rec center website

27 UMass, Lowell Wellness YouTube video about healthy campus campaign

28 UMass, Lowell Wellness Website link for campaign doesn’t work!

29 UMass, Lowell Wellness UMass has FB, but not HR/wellness itself  opportunity

30 UMass: SWOT Analysis Strengths Weaknesses Clear mission and goals
Link to campus recreation site, which uses Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and list Easy navigation Healthy Campus campaign Links to programs Lack of social media presence Limited information Inactive link Dull appearance Opportunities Threats Develop social media presence Expand Healthy Campus campaign Improve website Resources Funding Personnel

31 Recommendations Website improvements Social media More information
Add color and pictures Social media Create separate Facebook page

32 General Recommendations
Low-cost initiatives Online information Ease of navigation (link from HR website) Wellness task force or committee Facebook and Twitter Resource-intensive initiatives Online health portal Online fitness and health challenges (i.e. using FitBit) Hire vendor or organization to implement digital strategies

33 Thank you! Questions?

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