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ESPON Seminar 4-5 December 2014 in Rome Aims of the Seminar.

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1 ESPON Seminar 4-5 December 2014 in Rome Aims of the Seminar

2 Focus Themes and integrated approaches that can stimulate territories, regions and cities in contributing to economic growth and jobs, also in the long term Priorities of the current Trio of EU Presidency countries Inner areas Towns Scenarios and Vision 2050 New ESPON territorial evidence that can inspire policy development

3 Purpose (1) Promote territories as actors for economic growth and the use of integrated territorial strategies. Discuss new solutions for re-balancing territorial development trends to the benefit of inner areas lacking access to basic services of general interest. Discuss ways of making towns more dynamic, attractive and competitive and more accessible while still maintaining their identity and endogenous characters.

4 Purpose (2) Address the economic and social crisis, regional resilience, poverty and social exclusion, European macro regions as well as new developments of the ESPON toolbox. Consider experiences and achievements from transnational capitalisation efforts to promote ESPON territorial evidence in policy development at different levels Look ahead towards the future ESPON 2020 Programme and activities of the upcoming EU Presidencies

5 Programme on 4 December 2014 Counteracting the crisis: Territories acting for Economic Growth (plenary) Investment and Integrated Strategies in supporting Towns and Inner Areas (plenary) Inspire Policy Development with Territorial Evidence (ws) Building and using Integrated Territorial Strategies Inner areas in Europe Towns in the European territorial fabric New ESPON Territorial Evidence (ws) Territorial Vision and Scenarios 2050 Regional resilience and poverty European Macro regions

6 Programme on 5 December 2014 Progress on the ESPON Toolbox (plenary) European Territorial Monitoring Territorial Monitoring in Baltic sea Region Big Data Territorial Impact Assessment (TIA) Web application Outreach and Uptake of European Territorial Evidence (pl) Transnational Capitalisation by ESPON on the Road project ESPON Atlas Next steps of ESPON and EU Presidencies (plenary)

7 The ESPON 2020 Cooperation Programme Thank you for your attention Inspire policy making by territorial evidence

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