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Sharing the American Dream

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1 Sharing the American Dream
Colin Powell

2 Notes Valid Opinion supported by - facts - expert - authority
Faulty Opinion supported by other opinions ignores valid facts that contradict it. shows bias Bias- unfair preference of dislike

3 Basic Facts Audience: American People Topic: Volunteerism
Position: Pro- We should volunteer to help others, especially children. Purpose: To persuade Americans to help those in need

4 Word Choice Connotation- positive or negative value of a word.
Mostly positive word choices Pride, Promise, Enthusiasm, Pledge Opinion- what you think Generalization- Conclusion based on facts Overgeneralization- a conclusion that is too extreme to be supported by facts

5 Notes 15 million children are at risk. Children have simple needs
caring adult safe place to learn healthy start marketable skills opportunity to serve others

6 More Notes Speech was presented in Philadelphia
Founding Fathers were volunteers Not all Americans share in the American Dream He uses the poem by Langston Hughes “Dream Deferred” – appeal to emotion

7 Notes Colin Powell focuses on children because they have simple, manageable needs and they will grow up to help others Addresses concerns of audience- task is too great Generalization- “All of us can spare thirty minutes a week.” Individuals will spread cause- governors and mayors support the cause-appeal to authority Call to Action- VOLUNTEER!

8 Answers to Workbook 136 Support Adequate
Powell has already noted You tell me. that 15 million children are at risk. Powell identifies simple needs: You tell me Caring adult, safe place to learn, healthy start, marketable skills, opportunity to serve others Powell outlines how specific You tell me people (mayors, governors) will spread the message.

9 Answers to workbook 137 1. Informal. By referring to those less fortunate as “our brother and sisters,” the author implies that the people who need help should be looked on as part of the American “family.” 2. Informal (Formal) The words commit and promise convey the feeling that volunteering one’s time and effort are honorable and worthy goals. 3. Informal. By suggesting that volunteers metaphorically “reach out and touch” those in need, the author reminds them that what they will be doing is personal.

10 Answers to Vocabulary 138 A. 1. Synonym: hopes He has hopes of becoming an astronaut. 2. Synonym: postponed The meeting was postponed until after the holidays. 3. Synonym: sympathetic She was sympathetic toward those whose homes had been destroyed in the flood. 4. Synonym: partnership Because the business was a partnership, the founders shared the profits equally. B. 1. D A C D

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