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Applying Innovation Dubai Airport Show 2015 – Innovation podium Tuesday 12 March 2015, Session 1, 10:15 – 10:45 Laurent Delétraz.

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1 Applying Innovation Dubai Airport Show 2015 – Innovation podium Tuesday 12 March 2015, Session 1, 10:15 – 10:45 Laurent Delétraz

2 Presenter Laurent Delétraz Senior Business Development manager 2 Bsc in Engineering MBA spec. Entrepreneurship & Business Development (University of Geneva) ATPL jet Former Head of Flight Procedures Design Office skyguide Project Manager PBN implementation

3 Agenda Introduction skyguide in a few words Applying Innovation skyguide – 80 years of innovation types of innovation innovation path

4 skyguide the Swiss Air Navigation Services Provider 4 Mandate Ensure the safe, fluid and economically viable handling of air traffic in Swiss airspace.

5 Key Facts and figures 5 99,91% Shareholders Core business :MEUR 350 Commercial Revenues: MEUR 14 2013 Revenues Personnel Traffic  1.16 MIO IFR flights / year  3170 IFR flights / day 45 896 164 287 swiss confederation airports, cantons, associations etc.

6 Leveraging core business competencies 6 safety security quality management civil and military air traffic management operation training engineering and technical services AIM operational support data processing network system monitoring & control COM NAV SUR Customer occurrence management risk assessment & mitigation

7 7 History & Present 99,91% 29 % 7 % 80 Years of innovation

8 8 The Drivers for innovation

9 Value chain innovation 9

10 10 Innovation application Performance-Based Navigation Business solutions Key Benefits for airports Increased capacity in using flexible routing Reduced environmental footprint (noise, gas emissions) Increased safety Increased accessibility Implementation of ICAO resolution 37-11 PBN Technology GPS SBAS GBAS

11 Gate 1 Project organisation Gate 2 Project Maturity >80% Gate 3 CAA Approval Gate 4 Clearance for Operation Gate 5 De-commissioning From Innovation to concrete application Maturity, Resources ‘internal’

12 Value proposition 12 From technology to operation, our extensive civil and military air navigation services expertise allows us to create value for our customers with Swiss-made comprehensive integrated solutions or tailor-made products and services.

13 13

14 skyguide solutions – Lines of Busines

15 Technology 15 Products and services Consulting GNSS Expertise Communication Navigation Surveillance Development, deployment, support and maintenance of equipment and software in the area of ATCO/ ANS tools Network Your operation requires the highest standards of safety and reliability. To satisfy your needs, we apply Swiss-quality tailor-made engineering services. From acquisition to maintenance, our wide range of innovative solutions fulfils all your requirements. We ensure highly reliable installation, operation and maintenance of your air navigation systems and equipment.

16 Support to operation 16 Products and Services  Air Traffic Management consulting  Performance-Based Navigation implementation  Airspace design  Instrument flight procedures design services  Capacity analysis and fast-time simulation  Compliance support regarding international requirements and regulations  Project management  System integration and interface management  Operational concept  Safety assessment and risk mitigation  Tailored terrain and obstacles studies  Wind Turbine impact assessment For optimal operational performance, skyguide – with its unmatched expertise and experience – is the right partner for you. Increased safety, capacity, cost efficiency and accessibility – as well as reduced environmental impact. We create innovative solutions that deliver operational benefits.

17 Data Management 17 Products and Services  Smart NOTAM services  Integrated Briefing Service  En-route Charts  Worldwide AIP Library  e-VFR Manual  Consulting for AIM services  Project management Before and during flight, we ensure delivery of the right aeronautical information in the right format at the right time. We design innovative solutions for you, in order to ensure safety at all times, and to guarantee optimal aeronautical information management.

18 Training 18 Products and Services  Recruitment and Selection according to FEAST process  Basic Training (multiple start dates every year)  ATCO Rating Training (Tower, Approach, Enroute – Surveillance or Procedural)  ATSEP Qualification Training (Data Processing, Communication, Surveillance, Navigation, System Monitoring and Control, Shared)  Competency Training (Continuation, Refresher, Emergency, Conversion)  Development Training (On-the-Job Instructor, Classroom Instructor, Assessor, Team Resource Management) Your performance and safety rely on highly qualified experts. We design and develop a wide range of training programmes, so that you can acquire the skills you need to international standards. Whether you wish to build up or sharpen your air traffic management or technical expertise, we can provide you with training tailored to your needs, either in our world-class training center or in the location of your choice.

19 Operation 19 Products and Services Air Traffic Control TWR/APP services ATCO lease Air Traffic Management To ensure the optimal Air Traffic Management Operation, skyguide - the highly experienced Swiss Air Navigation Service Provider - is the right partner for you. In your daily air traffic control operations, we implement and run for you safe, efficient and cost effective Air Traffic Management in complex environments.

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