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The Holocaust LESSON 4.7. KNIGHT’S CHARGE Who were the Allied Powers during WWII? What do you know about the Holocaust? When did the U.S. become involved.

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1 The Holocaust LESSON 4.7

2 KNIGHT’S CHARGE Who were the Allied Powers during WWII? What do you know about the Holocaust? When did the U.S. become involved in WWII? What was the name of FDR’s policy of selling military equipment prior to the U.S. involvement in WWII?

3 THE HOLOCAUST During WWII, Adolf Hitler orchestrated a massive genocide of people deemed “imperfect” to live in the new German Society. These people included : People of Jewish decent Gypsies Mentally Disabled Physically Disabled Homosexuals

4 DEFINITIONS What is genocide? The deliberate, and systematic destruction, in whole or in part, of a racial, religious, or national group. Can be mass killing or cultural destruction. The Holocaust: The Genocide of Jews, Gypsies, Eastern Europeans, Russians, Homosexuals, and the mentally and physically handicapped by Adolf Hitler and Germany. The Holocaust was referred to as the “Final Solution” by Adolf Hitler. His goal was to populate Germany with what he called a “Master Race.” (Aryan, Blonde hair, blue eyes, tall, strong)



7 PROGRESSION OF DISCRIMINATION TOWARDS THE JEWISH PEOPLE The Nazi Party and Adolf Hitler took power in 1933 and slowly began their program against the Jews in Germany. In 1933, there were 566,000 Jewish people living in Germany Each new year under Hitler, harsher policies against the Jewish people were created.

8 STAGES OF HITLER’S HOLOCAUST Stage One: Identification and Discrimination Stage Two: Segregation Stage Three: Concentration Camps Stage Four: The “Final Solution” (extermination)

9 STAGE ONE: DISCRIMINATION NAZIS boycott all Jewish Businesses Hitler issues a decree that defines what a “non-Aryan” is. First concentration (work camps) are built but not really used yet. Dachau is built on 3/22/33

10 STAGE ONE: DISCRIMINATION - 1934 Jews are not allowed to have national health insurance The SS (Schutzstaffel) is formed. Hitler becomes Der Fuhrer (Great Leader) and receives a 90% approval rating by the people

11 STAGE ONE: DISCRIMINATION - 1935 The Nuremberg Race Laws are created. They state the following: 1. Jews are not ALLOWED to marry or have sex with Aryans 2. Jews are not ALLOWED to hire Aryan women to work for them. 3. Jews are declared official non-citizens of Germany and therefor have no German rights.

12 STAGE ONE: DISCRIMINATION - 1936 The SS “Deaths Head” division is created to guard the newly built concentration camps.

13 STAGE ONE: DISCRIMINATION - 1937 Jews are not ALLOWED to teach Germans in any way Jews are not ALLOWED to become accountants or dentists The “Eternal Jew Exhibit” is opened in Germany: Promotes Jewish stereotypes and warns Germans about their “evils.”

14 STAGE ONE: DISCRIMINATION - 1938 Nazi Troops enter Austria The League of Nations “considers” helping the Jews flee Hitler…But…NO COUNTRY WILL TAKE THEM. Jews are no longer ALLOWED to practice medicine.

15 1939 - KRISTALLNACHT Kristallnacht: Government Sponsored “night of broken glass.” Jewish stores, shops, and Synagogues are burned to the ground.

16 STAGE ONE: DISCRIMINATION - 1939 The St. Louis (refuge boat) is TURNED AWAY from the United States… Jews must now hand over all gold and silver to the German Government

17 STAGE TWO: SEGREGATION - 1939 Forced Labor Decree is issued stating that all Jews must wear “yellow stars” for identification and segregation purposes. Jews were moved into “Ghettos.” Ghetto: A walled or fenced neighborhood for keeping people contained to a specific space.

18 STAGE TWO: SEGREGATION - 1940 German Jews are officially deported to Poland and forced into the Ghetto’s.

19 STAGE THREE: CONCENTRATION CAMPS - 1940 Einsatzgruppen: The SS “Special Action Groups” are created by a man named Reinhard Heydrich They begin a competition between group leaders to see who can kill the most Jews. 1,300,000 Russian Jews will be targeted and killed by these “mobile Jew killing units” by the end of WWII.

20 STAGE THREE: CONCENTRATION CAMPS The Wannsee Conference Heydrich began to prepare the “final solution” plan for Hitler to kill the Jewish people. The Nazi goal was to exterminate the entire Jewish population of Europe, roughly an estimated 11 million people. The beginning of this plan was to make sure all Jewish individuals were “detained” in concentration camps where they could be cataloged and labeled to make sure no one escaped.

21 STAGE FOUR: THE FINAL SOLUTION There were 3 phases of the Nazi plan to wipe out the Jewish population from Europe

22 STAGE FOUR: THE FINAL SOLUTION Phase One: Shooting Carried out by the SS “Special Action Groups” Jews were rounded up and told they were to be relocated Instead, they were taken to fields and the woods and shot one by one Their bodies were buried in mass graves

23 STAGE FOUR: THE FINAL SOLUTION Phase Two: Gas Vans Again, Jews were rounded up and told they were being relocated This time, transportation was by van or bus Sadly, the vans were equipped so that the exhaust pipe backed up into the van, spilling poison gasses into the locked vehicles…killing the Jewish people inside slowly. 700,000 Jews were killed in the vans

24 PROBLEMS WITH PHASES 1 AND 2 The Nazi’s encountered several problems with the shootings and Gas Vans First, the Nazi’s believed that they were taking too much time Second, due to the war, resources such as munitions and poison gas were becoming scarce (they needed them to fight the allies) Third, the soldiers involved were beginning to develop psychological problems. Many stated that they could no longer kill “innocent people” and were beginning to question Hitler’s plan.

25 STAGE FOUR: THE FINAL SOLUTION Phase Three: The Camps Nazi leaders decided to drastically “speed up” the Final Solution Concentration camps had already been created and were being used to detain and catalog the Jewish people They decided to create 2 different types of camps: Concentration Camps Extermination Camps Jews from all over occupied Europe would not be brought here.


27 CONCENTRATION CAMPS Jews and European Prisoners were shipped to “work camps” to be used as forced labor to create food and supplies for the German military. Specifically, weapons and machinery. The people here were worked to death. Prisoners usually lasted less than 6 months before dying. Most Communists, Homosexuals, Gypsies, and other “undesirables” were sent here.


29 EXTERMINATION CAMPS Started out as the basic concentration camps Later modified with gassing installations that would be used on humans, making them now “death camps.” Mass extermination and experimentations were carried out Gas chambers, gunfire, and ovens for the women and children Men would be worked to death and killed when they became too weak.

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