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Health Insurance for VUB students.

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1 Health Insurance for VUB students

2 Health care in Belgium Belgium offers a public health care system of high-quality Free choice of doctor, hospital, pharmacy, etc No waiting lists Health care expenses will be partially or fully reimbursed  Health care reimbursements are carried out through an intermediary “Health Insurance company = Mutuality”

3 Ministry of Social affairs
Social Security Ministry of Social affairs INAMI/RIZIV Socialist Independent Christian Neutral Liberal

4 visiting a doctor, dentist, physiotherapist, etc.
National Health Insurance Every person living on the Belgian territory is advised to register with a national health insurance provider. The advantage of registering with a national health insurance is that you will benefit from reimbursements when: visiting a doctor, dentist, physiotherapist, etc. buying medicines going to hospital

5 Proof of coverage When registering, you will receive some important documents: A letter as proof of coverage Identification Stickers Always keep these documents with you!

6 Reimbursement system Health insurance provides reimbursement for medical care:  ± 75% general care Free choice of doctor/hospital No waiting list Cash Payment for consultations Visit at home night and weekend Urgent Care (emergency hospital)

7 Health Care expenses In an emergency or after consultation hours:
Go directly to the hospital via the emergency department. Do not make improper use of this service -> there will be a larger supplement to pay if not urgent! Family doctors also provide emergency services each day from 7pm until 7am and during weekends from Friday 7pm until Monday 7am. French-speaking duty doctors Tel.: (+32.2) Website : Dutch-English-speaking duty doctors Tel. : (+32.2)

8 «Medical attestation»
While visiting a doctor  Pay the full amount Doctor delivers you a «Medical attestation»  Can be white, green, blue or orange  Affix an identification sticker on the top of it  Drop it into our mail box at Euromut/Partena office Health insurance will reimburse ±75% of the legal price on your bank account

9 There is NO difference in service or quality, just price!
Consultation fees Free choice of care provider A committed doctor will respect the legal fee. A non-committed doctor may apply fees of his choice  If your doctor is non-committed, supplement will be higher The only way to know if a doctor is committed or not, is to ask him/her or contact us Advice: Go to Medical Centre of the VUB University  Daily medical consultations (fee: +/- € 25,00)(cash) Make an appointment: tel or (Monday-Friday and ) You’ll have committed doctors with less supplements There is NO difference in service or quality, just price!

10 At the pharmacy & hospital
Show your Belgian ID card when going to buy medicines, or when going to hospital for X-rays, blood tests, examinations and in case of hospitalization (not for consultations) Via Belgian ID card, you will just pay the remainder fee. The part paid by health insurance will be directly deducted.

11 Medication at pharmacy
There are different medicine categories: Category Reimbursement Example A 100% Medicine against cancer or diabetes,... B 75% Antibiotics,… C 50% Contraceptive pill… Cs 40% Anti-allergy, Flu vaccine,… Cx 25% Some vaccines,… D 0% Aspirin, vitamins,…

12 Pay full amount and ask receipt for health insurance
No Belgian ID card? Pay full amount and ask receipt for health insurance Affix an identification sticker  Drop it into our mailbox at Euromut/Partena office Health insurance will reimburse the legal % of the legal price on your bank account

13 Hospitalization Personal share is influenced by choice of hospital and type of room Costs are considerably higher if single room If you don’t have an extra hospitalization insurance  ask for a common room! (low supplements) ask (in writing) to be treated by committed doctors Hospital bill will be sent after several weeks

14 Partena benefits package
By choosing Partena you will benefit* from extra reimbursements. A few good examples would be: Optics (€ 50 every 2 years) Ambulance (until 80%) Sport club membership (€ 15/year) Vaccinations Alternative medicine (acupuncture, chiropractor etc.) Preventive dental care (cleaning) Homeopathic products: 50% of the paid price (max. €75/year) Etc. See all 40 benefits: * Not for EU students <12 months

15 If > 12 months  € 25,50/quarter
Registration costs *Students from EU or from country with International agreement    European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)  Algeria: BALG 8  Tunis: BTUN 11  Croatia: BHR 111  Turkey: BT8  Ex-Yugoslavia: BY11  Australia: Medicare Card  Quebec: QUE/BE 128 No costs if < 12 months If > 12 months  € 25,50/quarter

16 European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)
BT8 Medical providers and pharmacies don’t except this card or any other international form

17 Registration costs for PHD students
The registration procedure and cost : The coverage starts always 1st of the quarter. (1/01;1/4;1/7;1/10) PHD students with social security contributions  registration as employee: € 25,5/quarter

18 Registration costs NON EU
*Other students: The coverage starts always 1st of the quarter. (1/01;1/4;1/7;1/10) Student (not registered in Belgium, non-EU member)  costs € 25.50/Quarter + € 58,36/Quarter Belgian resident, no taxable income (registered in Belgium)  costs € 25,50/Quarter Pay the contribution with the invoice you’ll receive (PC-banking)

19 Advice  Register first as a student (sure to be directly covered) When registration at city hall is finished, go asap to Partena office with your Belgian ID card to change your status (registration fee is cheaper) € 58,36 of the quarter already paid will be reimbursed!

20 Euromut/Partena Office VUB
National health insurance Multinational, Assistance and advice Communication in English Specialized in student matters Euromut/Partena office VUB nearby the CAMPUS Building 5 Contact person: Mrs Fatima-Zahra TALHIMET 1040 Etterbeek, Bld. de la Plaine 5 Tuesday from 9.00 until and until 16.00 Also on Thursdays during September and October tel: 02/

21 Euromut/Partena Office VUB

22 Thanks for your attention
- Q&A Katrien Vanden Waeyenbergh

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