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NRS 122 Concepts of Mental Health Nursing Orientation for Spring 2015 Semester.

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1 NRS 122 Concepts of Mental Health Nursing Orientation for Spring 2015 Semester

2 NRS 122 Course Faculty  Professor Donna Penn-NRS 122 Course Coordinator  Professor Miki Olson- Lecture Instructor (A, B & C Sessions and Clinical Instructor for A & B Wednesday clinical groups  Professor Lorraine Ruocco- Clinical Instructor for B and C Sessions (Mondays) and C Session (Wednesday)

3 Progression of Conceptual Curriculum: NRS 122 Concepts  Week 1: Communication; Stress & Coping  Week 2: Self & Family (Addiction/Violence)  Week 3: Self (Eating & Personality Disorders)  Week 4: Self (Mood & Affect)  Week 5: Self (Cognition)

4 NRS 122 Course Requirements  Course week begins on a Tuesday and ends on a Monday  Mid-term exam (given in lecture week 3)  Cumulative Final Exam (given the Monday of week 5)  HESI Psychiatric/Mental Health web based exam (given Friday of week 5)  4 clinical sessions 8am-5pm (Princeton House weeks 1 & 2, Trenton Psychiatric Hospital weeks 3 & 4. No clinical week 5.  No college lab in this course.  Dosage Calculation Exam: given during first clinical day (expectation of achievement=90% or higher)

5 NRS 122 Grading  Mid-term Exam= 40% of grade  HESI Mental Health Exam= 10% of grade  Cumulative Final Exam= 50% of grade  Total=100%

6 Nursing Program Grade Scale  A=97% - 100%  A-=93% - 96.99%  B+=89% - 92.99%  B=85% - 88.99%  B-=81% - 84.99%  C+=78% - 80.99%  C=76% - 77.99%  D=61% - 75.99%

7 Please review the NRS 122 Course Outline  Available on website (under NRS 122)  Textbooks  Attendance  Testing and Grading  Testing Schedule  Clinical Lab  Dress Code for Clinical  HESI Testing  Evolve case studies  Mercer Online Blackboard course shell and online gradebook.  Assignments/Concept Map  Weekly Learning Activities/Lecture notes available on website  MyMercer account

8 Clinical Information  Clinical hours 8am-5pm  First clinical day is at Princeton House for all clinical groups  Directions to all facilities can be found in Nursing Program Handbook  Specific clinical site orientation requirements on under NRS 122  Print PH forms (on under NRS 122) for PH clinical under NRS 122  Medication list for NRS 122

9 NRS 122 Academic Success Resources  Clinical / theory instructor  NRS 122 Coordinator  Program web site  mynursingkit (textbook resources)  MCCC Learning Center  Library ( Web Access)  Program Advisor  evolve case studies and practice tests  Textbooks  Each other (formation of study groups)

10 MercerMail  Available to all enrolled credit students  MCCC e-mail can be automatically forwarded to another e-mail account  Log on to to create  This account will be the only one used to contact students during the semester.

11 Lecture/Theory Class  Assigned textbook readings should be completed prior to lecture  Print lecture notes from the NRS 122 Course Shell available from MercerOnline (Print as 3 slide handouts)  Lecture will highlight main concepts  Bring questions to class  Interactive learning activities/group activities  Goal is to facilitate learning, interactive dynamic atmosphere  Come prepared to participate.

12 Evolve Case Studies  Evolve Homepage: http://evolve.elsevier.com  Need username & password  Use course ID number given to you last semester  It is recommended that you complete the weekly assigned case studies.  The case studies will help you to apply the information learned in lecture and from your readings.  Case Studies are assigned in the course outline  Case studies are not part of course grade

13 HESI Mental Health Exam  This standardized web-based exam is given at the end of the each course session and must be taken to successfully complete the course. (dates in course outline)  Students will be required to complete the “Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing” practice test which is located on the evolve website at under the “case studies with practice test” section prior to sitting for the HESI exam.  The percentage score for this exam will be calculated into your final grade for the course (10%).

14 NRS 122 Dates to Remember  FINAL EXAM, MIDTERM and HESI Exam  Session A: Midterm Tuesday 2/3 9am  Session A: Final Exam: Monday 2/23 9am Room TBA  Session A: HESI Mental Health Exam: Friday 2/20  Session B: Midterm Tuesday 3/10 9am  Session B: Final Exam Monday 4/6 9am Room TBA  Session B: HESI Mental Health Exam: Friday 4/3  Session C: Midterm Tuesday 4/21 9am  Session C: Final Monday 5/11 9am  Session C: HESI Mental Health Exam: Friday 5/8

15 Goals for Semester  Provide each of you with the support and guidance needed for successful completion of course  Visit us during office hours, leave a phone message or an e-mail  Don’t wait till it’s too late, seek help early and often!!!!!!

16 Keys To Success Keep up with weekly course work Form study groups Mark important dates in your calendar Seek help early Manage your time properly Read program handbook and course outline, know what is expected of you Keep focused Keep a positive frame of mind

17 Office Hours  Professor Donna Penn  Email:  Office: MS 125  Office Phone: 609-570-3391  Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-4pm (by appointment only  Professor Olson will be available from 12-1pm Tuesdays after lecture.  Email:

18 Have a GREAT semester!

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