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Marriage, Parenthood, and Families

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1 Marriage, Parenthood, and Families
Chapter 17 Marriage, Parenthood, and Families

2 Family Counseling A way to help family members get perspective and work to resolve problems in a positive way

3 Nuclear Family The most traditional family structure

4 Extended Family The people who are outside the nuclear family but are related to the nuclear family and live under the same roof.

5 Sibling A family structure in which relatives such as aunts or uncles join with the core family group

6 Discipline A way to help a child learn limits and mature into a happy secure person

7 Emotional Maturity The capacity to act independently, responsibly, and unselfishly

8 Marriage Lifelong union between a husband and a wife who develop an intimate relationship

9 Parental Responsibility
The duty of a parent to provide for the physical, financial, mental, and emotional needs of a child.

10 Divorce Legal end of a marriage

11 Emotional Intimacy The state of being emotionally connected to another person

12 Marriage The best reason for two people to get married is because they love and respect each other.

13 Marriage A successful marriage depends on the partners being emotionally secure

14 Good Parenting The most important key to being a good parent is being emotionally mature

15 Divorce Usually in a divorce there are several factors contribute Such as:

16 You are now ready for a Test
On Chapter 17

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