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Launch of Quality Management System

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1 Launch of Quality Management System
KING FAISAL UNIVERSITY Deanship of Quality Assurance and Academic Accreditation PROF. PETER HODSON

2 QMS Introduction Vision
Leadership in community engagement through excellence in education, research, and leadership. Mission To serve the community with excellence in teaching and learning, relevant and respected research, lifelong learning opportunities, effective and efficient administration, leadership service and development, and community engagement for mutual enrichment. QMS

3 Quality is never an accident – it is always the result of intelligent effort.
- John Ruskin QMS

4 The Quality Assurance Questions
what are we trying to do? why are we doing it? how are we doing it? why is that the best way to do it? how do we know it works? how can we improve it? QMS

5 QMS QMS Structure Structure of Academic Quality Committees
Program Standards and Quality Planning, Design, Approval, Monitoring, Review Regulations and Procedures Research Student Support and Affairs Community Relations QMS

6 QMS Life Cycle of a Program PLANNING DEVELOPMENT REVIEW Withdrawal?

7 QMS Explains the way in which KFU attempts to address the lifecycle. Sections A, B and C are particularly relevant to program planning, design, approval, delivery, monitoring and review. It is not optional!!! QMS

8 QMS NCAAA cycle Five yearly Review Yearly Environment Scan
Define/Review Mission/Goals Set Objectives Develop Plan Implement Action Five yearly Review Yearly Performance Monitor Results QMS

9 QMS Program Planning Planning proposals considered by SC- SPC
Ideas generated from Strategic Plan Research Advisory Committee Subject Developments Etc. Use the planning form (QA1), provided in QMS QMS

10 QMS Program Development NCAAA Standard 4, paragraph 4.2:
Programs must be planned as coherent packages of learning experiences in which all courses contribute in planned ways to the intended learning outcomes for the program. QMS

11 QMS Program Development
Intended graduate characteristics Level characteristics Identify goals for the program Translate level characteristics into subject characteristics Write intended learning outcomes Design assessment strategy to test achievement of ILOs QMS Develop teaching strategy to enable learners to reach the ILOs/assessment criteria

12 The foundation of effective quality assurance
Program Approval The foundation of effective quality assurance QMS

13 QMS Program Approval A crucial element in academic governance.
It is the means through which the University assures itself: Of the standards of programs to be offered by the colleges. That students will be provided with an educational and learning experience of high quality. QMS

14 Importance of Program Approval (1)
If carried out properly and attentively, program approval: Verifies the academic standards for the program Establishes safeguards for academic quality Ensures that programs meet national and University requirements and therefore international expectations. QMS

15 Importance of Program Approval (2)
Get it right at the beginning and you save a lot of trouble later! Leads to: better experience for students builds University and staff reputation and NCAAA accreditation QMS

16 Program Approval Process
This evaluates whether each programs: Complies with the University’s Academic Framework and Regulations. Has been developed with due recognition to national academic infrastructure and includes reference to nationally and internationally agreed criteria and standards such as professional body experiences. Has assured that it is aligned with the KFU Strategic Plan QMS

17 Committee Structure Program Approval
University Council Standing Committee- Study Plans and Curricula (SC-SPC) College Study Plans And Curriculum Committee College Council QMS Program Approval Panel Program Design Team Departmental Council

18 Annual Monitoring The process by which an annual review enables enhancements to be made to the provision In the case of programs and courses, NCAAA templates provide the tools to enable that review It is also provides evidence that ILOs and appropriate academic standards are being achieved, and considers external views such as advisory committee’s inputs QMS

19 QMS Annual Monitoring Identifies Minor/Major changes
Identifies good practice Indentifies resource issues Identifies learning, teaching and assessment issues QMS

20 Program Evaluation and Review - Whose responsibility?

21 QMS Guidance Essential reference documents are:
NCAAA Standards for Quality Assurance and Accreditation for Higher Education Institutions The National Qualifications Framework (NQF) QMS Handbook QMS

22 Periodic Review The basis upon which ALL programs are updated to remain current, and reflect today’s world! The basis upon which a substantive review can reflect upon the changing resources that are available The basis upon which a detailed scrutiny at the range of inputs to the process is undertaken … especially external inputs! QMS

23 This requires… systematic collection of feedback from students, which includes their views on the clarity of LOs and the extent to which they have been achieved properly specified annual review processes, requiring reflection informed by evidence such as student feedback, assessment pass rates, changes in the professional environment, etc, Resulting action plan and monitoring actions implemented QMS

24 And… ‘ownership’ of the program review by all staff involved in teaching consideration of annual reports by Academic Affairs Quality Assurance Committee, with feedback Colleges and program teams on key points including coverage of ILOs. QMS

25 Learning, Teaching and Assessment
Moderation Academic integrity Plagiarism, cheating, falsification Complaints and Appeals QMS

26 QMS Other sections of QMS Research Student Support and Affairs
Community Relations QMS

27 Thank you!!! QMS

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