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2 LAST MEETING OF THE YEAR!! Congratulations on getting through another year of school with CSF!! This year we raised enough money to give out 6 scholarships to our graduating seniors!! Keep working hard and you could be one of the lucky recipients when the time comes!

3 SENIORS For those who are applying for one of our $1,000 scholarships, your applications will be due next Friday!! If you haven’t picked up an application yet, then please pick one up after the meeting if you are eligible.

4 SENIORS If you still need another semester with CSF or didn’t qualify first semester of your senior year, then our grade check forms will be available in L-11 on May 8 th, 2015. They must be completely filled out and turned in by May 15 th, 2015.

5 SENIORS CSF Senior Awards Night is to be held on May 28 th, 2015!!!

6 UPCOMING DUE DATES MAY 11 th -15 th fundraisers and community service forms are due and must be turned into L-11 by 3:00 on the final day. Remember! You must have completed 2 fundraisers, 10 hours of community service, and attended all meetings to be considered an active member of the club.

7 COMMUNITY SERVICE Your community service must be turned in on either a CSF, NHS, or the school’s hours form. We will NOT accept any other forms or any turned in on loose leaf, lined paper!! Any forms that are turned in will be kept, so if you are using a from that you need back please give us a photo copy and not the original since we keep these forms on file.

8 UPCOMING FUNDRAISERS April 29 th, 2015 – Pizza Rev May 1 st, 2015 – Bobalicious May 6 th, 2015 – Chipotle *The Chipotle fundraiser will be the LAST for this semester!!

9 INFORMATION ABOUT FUNDRAISERS A flyer will need to be shown to the cashier at the Pizza Rev fundraiser and the chipotle fundraiser!! *Remember to bring in your receipts in order to get credit for these two fundraisers!! At the Bobalicious fundraiser you must mention to the cashier that you are a part of CSF!! *For the Bobalicious fundraiser ONLY can you leave your name and grade level with the cashier on your receipt to get credit.

10 OUR WEBSITE Our websites URL is: Please check the ACHS-CSF website often to see any updates about meetings, fundraisers, or events!! All of the flyers you will need can be found on our website!!

11 REMINDERS Life time members (4 semesters, 1 including senior) and Active members will receive: cords, tassels, pins, certificates You must attend ALL meetings Membership dues and applications are due at the beginning of each semester!

12 MORE REMINDERS If you don’t meet the fundraising requirements this semester, you MUST do double next semester in order to become active. If you don’t meet the service requirements, you MUST do double next semester in order to become active. (20 hrs) For every meeting you miss, you MUST make up with 1 hour of community service (you must still contact us to excuse your absence).

13 QUESTIONS, COMMENTS, OR CONCERNS? Make sure you’re on the Facebook page: California Scholarship Federation Camarillo High Twitter: @camarilloCSF Instagram: camhigh_CSF Email us at if you have any questions


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