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Thurgood Marshall.

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1 Thurgood Marshall

2 Education * Born in Baltimore, Maryland * Named after his great-grandfather who had been a slave * He went to segregated public schools and then attended Lincoln University * After graduating, he attended Howard University in Washington, D.C. where he graduated at the top of his class with a law degree.

3 Contributions * He had the largest law practice in Baltimore but did not make much money because he defended poor people. * Became the lawyer for the NAACP where he won many civil rights cases (Brown v Board of Education – segregation of public schools ended) * He was the first African-American member of the US Supreme Court where he worked to protect human rights

4 Social Barriers/Restrictions/Obstacles
Thurgood Marshall had to overcome the social barrier of growing up in a segregated environment Thurgood Marshall overcame the obstacle of being rejected when he applied for law school at the University of Maryland because he was black.

5 Travel Born in Maryland
Spent most of his life in the southeast and northeast regions Location and culture had an impact on Thurgood Marshall’s work to improve civil rights Traveled throughout the United States to represent court cases related to civil rights

6 Character Traits/Timeline
Thurgood Marshall showed diligence and leadership Thurgood Marshall’s belief in justice and respect for and acceptance of authority affected his fight for civil rights

7 Timeline 1908 Born in Baltimore 1921-1925 School (Segregated)
Graduated from Lincoln University Graduated from Howard University Started work for NAACP Won Murray vs. Pearson with Hamilton Won Brown vs. Board of Education st Black Supreme Court Justice Dies in Maryland

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