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Interactions with the Physical Environment

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1 Interactions with the Physical Environment
Canada’s Population Patterns

2 Mind’s On What is a CMA? Where are the majority of Canada’s CMAs? Why?
Relatively speaking, between which latitude lines do the majority of Canadians live? Do you think Canada’s population is increasing or decreasing? How do you figure that out?

3 People Patterns in Canada
Big country, small population We live in a few very large cities and a few kind of big cities Most of Canada is uninhabited or “sparsely inhabited” Canadians live very close to the Canada- USA Border

4 People Patterns and Terminology
Continuous Ecumene- the part of the country where there is continuous, permanent settlement Discontinuous Ecumene- the part of the country where there are significant patches of settlement


6 Textbook work Go to page

7 Does it matter is areas far from large cities lose population?

8 Rural Settlement Patterns
The majority of settlement in Canada occurs in CMA’s- areas of 100,000 in habitants that covers (sometimes) large cities and their smaller outlying towns/villages Rural settlement patterns have been affected by a few factors:

9 Rural Settlement Factors- Resources
Resources- people were attracted by resources to particular areas- Agricultural- how do farms affect settlement patterns? Commercial fishing- how would fishing affect the settlement patterns? Mining- how might mining affect settlement patterns?

10 Rural Settlement Factors- Transportation
Methods of early travel change the settlement patterns If water is used for travel it will affect how people settled an area Modern transportation methods have changed where and why people live where they do….examples?

11 A. Dispersed population B. Concentrated C. Linear Pattern

12 Rural Settlement Factors- Government
In some areas the government of Canada influenced where people lived Southern Ontario (here) for example was settled when the government created a survey system- a pattern of roads and lots Best way to look at settlement patterns is on maps- best maps for rural and urban areas- TOPOGRAHIC MAPS This is called a large scale map- shows a large amount of detail in a small area

13 Topographic Maps Military Grid system- light blue lines- light blue numbers on the sides of the border READ RIGHT FIRST Try this: what is found at


15 Topographic Maps Title
What settlement type is indicated by this map? Why? What are some obvious factors that have led to the settlement of this area? Try this: what is found at

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