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GROUP BEHAVIOR Meaning of Group Behavior Types of Group Behavior

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1 GROUP BEHAVIOR Meaning of Group Behavior Types of Group Behavior
Benefits of Group Behavior

2 Meaning of Group Behavior
A group is several people or things that are connected with one-another e.g. family, tribe, association or organization. Behavior is anything a person or animal does that can be observed in some ways or noticed. It can include feelings, attitudes, thoughts and mental processes. Group behavior is the attitude, feeling and thought of a collection of people that can be observed or noticed. It is guided by some rules and regulations which may or may not be so with the individual. Types of Group Behavior Group behavior can be classified into two, namely; mass action communal labor

3 Mass Action Mass Action: it is the reaction of the people towards a government action or inaction through peaceful protests or violent demonstration. They can also write letters of commendation or condemnation to the government or its agencies on the issue at stake. A good example is the peoples’ reaction to the annulment of the June 1993 presidential election acclaimed to be the most peaceful, credible and freest election in the country by General Ibrahim Babangida.

4 Characteristics of Mass Action
It may be destructive or negative group behavior. Members have aims set out to be achieved. Activities may lead to political instability. Mass action can lead to misinformation.

5 Communal Labour Communal Labour: this refers to a situation where people in a group jointly carry out a task beneficial to the entire society, especially in the provision of social amenities and in improving the quality of life in the area. For example, formation of vigilante groups by people on the same street to deter armed robbers etc.

6 Characteristics of Communal Labor
It is constructive or positive group behavior. Cooperation exists in a place where there is communal based labor. Age and sex differentiations exist. The different sexes and age groups play distinct roles in the society. For example, the elderly persons motivate and organize the rest of the people for labor.

7 Benefits of Group Behavior
It develops the spirit of cooperation and teamwork as members can learn how to work together to achieve a goal. It helps in the achievement of set goals which will be impossible if it is to be pursued by individual members. It develops good leadership and followership qualities in members. Members learn how to be good followers by obeying every instruction given by the leaders, while they are also trained on good leadership through delegation of duties by the leaders of the group. Group behavior helps government in acknowledging peoples' feelings about its policies and in turn, making the right decisions.

8 Benefits of Group Behavior (contd.)
Membership of a group helps individuals to learn and accept the behavior (socialization). It teaches the youth the right way of reacting to negative situations. Constructive group behaviors generate peace in the society. Peaceful demonstration on any issue in the country helps the government in taking decisive actions which bring desired results to the society at large. The healthy competition among members brings out their best qualities and makes them more useful to the society.

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10 ASSIGNMENT State five difference between Mass Action and Communal Labor. List the factors that affect Group Behavior. Mention the general features of Group Behavior.

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