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Setting the Standard for Psychiatric & Addiction Services Inpatient Treatment for Adolescents Jeanne Resendez Referral Development Manager.

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1 Setting the Standard for Psychiatric & Addiction Services Inpatient Treatment for Adolescents Jeanne Resendez Referral Development Manager

2 About Us Mesilla Valley Hospital is a private, free-standing psychiatric hospital in Las Cruces that provides mental health and addiction services for adolescents, adults, and seniors. Mesilla Valley Hospital has been in operation since 1987, serving those in need of treatment for a variety of psychiatric and substance abuse issues, including, but not limited to: Depression Suicidal and Homicidal Behaviors Alcohol and Drug Dependency Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Bipolar Disorder Anxiety Disorders Schizophrenia Hallucinations/Psychosis Self-Harming Behaviors

3 Adolescent Acute Psychiatric Care Mesilla Valley Hospital’s Adolescent Acute Treatment Program is designed for adolescent males and females ages 12 and up, who require crisis stabilization and short-term treatment for emotional, behavioral, psychological and substance abuse problems. We provide a safe, structured, and therapeutic environment for the diagnosis and treatment of mental health issues like, but not limited to: Suicidal and Homicidal Thoughts Depression Anxiety Bipolar Disorder Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Schizophrenia Chemical Dependency

4 Adolescent Acute Psychiatric Care The Adolescent Acute Program includes the following components: Multidisciplinary assessment In-house physicians Diagnosis of complex cases 24-hour nursing supervision Medication management and education Stress management skills Family education and support Individual, group, and family therapy

5 Adolescent Acute Psychiatric Care The goal of treatment is to stabilize symptoms, make medication adjustments and begin a plan for aftercare, so the patient can continue with their treatment plan even after discharge. Our specially-trained staff focuses on each individual patient and his/her specific needs. The treatment team consists of: Psychiatrists Licensed Therapists Psychiatric Nurses Adjunctive Staff Discharge Planners Mental Health Technicians Dietician Patient Advocates

6 Adolescent Residential Treatment Mesilla Valley Hospital’s Trauma-Informed Residential Treatment Center (RTC) houses two units – one for adolescent boys and one for adolescent girls. We treat youth ages 12 to 17, who require intensive and structured treatment for emotional, behavioral, psychological, and substance abuse problems. Adolescents that meet criteria for RTC placement may be experiencing issues like the following: Depression and/or hopelessness Suicidal/homicidal thoughts Substance abuse & addiction Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Self-harming behaviors Aggressive/anti-social behaviors Sexualized behaviors Anger/irritability/mood swings Other behavioral concerns

7 Adolescent Residential Treatment Our program is a strengths-based approach that recognizes many adolescents with mental health issues have experienced trauma at some point in their lives, including, but not limited to: Sexual/physical/psychological abuse Neglect/abandonment Loss of loved ones Incarceration of parent(s) Exposure to violence or relentless stress Bullying

8 Adolescent Residential Treatment The philosophical foundation of the RTC program is based on the Trauma-Informed Treatment Model, which focuses on the belief that severe, chronic, unresolved trauma and attachment requires a different approach to treatment. Trauma-informed RTC treatment at Mesilla Valley Hospital includes: ◦Solution-focused individual, group, and family therapy ◦Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) ◦Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) ◦Motivational Interviewing ◦Medication management ◦Adjunctive therapy, including a ropes course ◦Attendance at an on-site school

9 Adolescent Residential Treatment Treatment is provided in a locked, secure setting, with 24- hour nursing supervision to ensure patient safety. Each RTC patient has a treatment team, which includes: Psychiatrist Psychiatric Nurse Licensed Therapist Adjunctive Staff Educational Specialist Mental health technicians Discharge Planners

10 Making Referrals Referrals can be made by family, friends, guardians, caregivers, providers, and others who are concerned about someone. Mesilla Valley Hospital offers level of care assessments 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and we accept walk-in patients. Please contact our Assessment & Referral Department anytime at: 575.382.3500 800.877.3500 Mesilla Valley Hospital accepts most insurance plans, including Medicare, TRICARE®, and New Mexico Medicaid.

11 Setting the Standard for Psychiatric & Addiction Services Questions ? Learn more at:

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13 EVERY Year - there are approximately 10.45 youth suicides for every 100,000 youth EVERY Day - there are approximately 12 youth suicides EVERY 1 Hours and 54 Minutes - a person under the age of 25 completes suicide 13 Youth Suicide Statistics

14 Why Suicide Prevention is Important Third leading cause of death for teens Second leading cause of death in colleges For every completion, there are between 50-200 attempts CDC Youth Risk Survey: 7.8% grades 9-12 reported attempt in past year 15.8% high school students report suicide ideation Attempt rate increasing for 10-14 year olds Same risk and protective factors for suicide as other problem behaviors such as drugs, violence, risky sexual activities 14

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