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Unit 14 – Physiological disorders

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1 Unit 14 – Physiological disorders
Being able to produce a care pathways for physiological disorders

2 Care Pathways: a visual introduction

3 Video feedback

4 What are care pathways ? Care pathway is the description of the way in which services are brought together to meet the needs of an individual over a period of time. What sort of professionals might be involved in the care pathway of an individual with an eating disorder?

5 Care pathways for care workers and specialists
Integrated care pathways are structured multi-disciplinary care plans which details essential steps in the care of patients with specific clinical problem and describe the expected progress of the patient (Campbell et al, 1998) What is meant by the definition?

6 Purpose of a care pathways
What might be the purpose of a care pathway ?

7 Purpose of the care pathways
Ensure a consistent standard of care in the same department, Empowers staff and patients, Reduces duplication (doubling up), Identifies cost and resources, Ensures that everyone involved including the patient knows what care will be received, Eliminates unnecessary or repetitive information.

8 Read and think pp205 Read through the assessment of needs section including the diagram, What other needs should be included, think of your PIES

9 Key term: care plan A care plan is drawn up to detail who is going to do what and when, together with the details of all the agencies involved such as telephone numbers. The individual is central to the care planning process.

10 Care planning: a visual introduction

11 Research task Using the laptops conduct research on the following for your chosen physiological disorders. Primary care, Secondary care, Tertiary care,

12 Feedback

13 Practitioners involved in the delivery of care pathways
Formal and informal carers, Other agencies, Book page 207.

14 Care strategies Need to be reviewed at regular intervals,
Medication must be reviewed (checking meds expiry dates, effectiveness, etc.), Attendance to specialist clinics for further support, Repetition of scans and x-rays to check on progress, Continuation or termination of alternative therapies based on progress.



17 P4 – plan a care pathway for your chosen physiological disorders.
Format – PowerPoint presentation, .

18 Unit …… Care plans and care pathways

19 Introduction Definition for care plan and care pathways – emphasis MDT (Multi Disciplinary Team) Introduction to case study – name, age, stage in the chronic condition, marital status. ….

20 1) Insulin Gp to check effectiveness of current prescription renew or change (every two weeks) Dr Salma Rosebush Surgery number

21 Assessment need 2 – potential depression
Mental Health team (Brighton and Hove) – once a month Nurse Jackie Tel number – Location -

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