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Environmental Brochure Project

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1 Environmental Brochure Project
Science 6 Mrs. Craft

2 SOL 6.9 The student will investigate and understand public policy decisions relating to the environment. Key concepts include a) management of renewable resources; b) management of nonrenewable resources ; c) the mitigation of land-use and environmental hazards through preventive measures; and d) cost/benefit tradeoffs in conservation policies.

3 The following statements are found in the Constitution of Virginia, Article XI:
To the end that the people have clean air, pure water, and the use and enjoyment for recreation of adequate public lands, waters, and other natural resources, it shall be the policy of the Commonwealth to conserve, develop, and utilize its natural resources, its public lands, and its historical sites and buildings. Further, it shall be the Commonwealth’s policy to protect its atmosphere, lands, and waters from pollution, impairment, or destruction, for the benefit, enjoyment, and general welfare of the people of the Commonwealth.

4 Conservation means using our resources wisely and protecting them for the future.

5 This power point as well as the document discussing the 5 ways to help Virginia’s environment is listed on my website.

6 You are going to make a brochure. The app is off of google docs
You are going to make a brochure. The app is off of google docs. I will explain how you can access it.

7 Title of the Brochure: You should create a slogan that encourages conservation.

8 Using the article describe the 5 ways to protect Virginia’s environment create a pamphlet making recommended solutions for conservationists

9 Use pictures and illustrations.
Paraphrase. Do not copy word for word. Put it in your own words. Be creative. You do not have to copy the same format as it is displayed in the document.. Make sure that you use other resources as well. ** Reminder: Make sure that your slogan is good.

10 You will be graded on creativity, presentation, and how informative your brochure is. I am aware of those that like to rush through projects and not do quality work. :)

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