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Discover Transparency COMPAREX SAM2GO

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1 Discover Transparency COMPAREX SAM2GO

2 Why Software Asset Management?
Discover Transparency Why Software Asset Management? Cost Audit Risk Our service – Your value Potential Savings Our goal: Licensing in Balance Purchased Licenses Required Licenses Installed Software

3 Your Software License Reconciliation
Discover Transparency Your Software License Reconciliation Software licenses Installed Software

4 Discover Transparency
Compliance as usual SAM investment Audit Audit Audit Compliance review triggered by vendor Compliance review triggered by vendor Compliance review triggered by vendor Time

5 A Typical Scenario at a Customer
Discover Transparency A Typical Scenario at a Customer Purchased Licenses License Recon-ciliation Inventory Solution The following questions were raised: How do I approach the problem? What do I do first? Do I know all license regulations? How can I visualize the compliance status in a brief and clear way? Where do I find the information about the vendors‘ usage rights? Why does it not work? Клиент понимает что делать, нет ничего сложного. Он создает таблицу Excel с приобретенными лицензиями в последние годы. Собирает данные о том что установлено. Пытается создать баланс лицензии и ничего не получается Почему она не работает? Что мне делать? Что мне делать в первую очередь? Я знаю, все условия лицензионного соглашения? Как я могу очистить презентацию о состоянии соблюдения на всех? Где я могу получить информацию о правах на использование производителя?… Customer

6 Discover Transparency
The Solution? SAM-Tool!!! ... A year (and many working days) later Customer Perfect! „One-click compliance status“! „One-click compliance status“? Negative! Решение: Клиент покупаю SAM тулл! "Соблюдение Статус нажатием кнопки"  отлично! Множество дополнительных функций  наверное пригодиться Все необходимые данные доступны  почему она не должна работать? ... .а Год спустя .... "Соблюдение Статус нажатием кнопки?"  нет! Почему это не удастся? Why not? Many additional features! All clear! All necessary data available!

7 Why does it fail? – A selection of many reasons:
Discover Transparency Why does it fail? – A selection of many reasons: The implementation was more complex than imagined! The initial effort was underestimated! Each data set must be "touched"! Initially collected data must be continuously maintained! The depth of the necessary licensing know-how was underestimated! The release cycles for new products are getting shorter and shorter! With every new version, the license conditions are changed! Can I trust the results? How shall the results be interpreted? Die Lösung: Kunde A kauft sich ein SAM Tool! „Compliance-Status auf Knopfdruck“  Perfekt! Eine Unmenge an Zusatzfunktionen  warum nicht? Alle notwendigen Daten sind vorhanden  warum sollte es nicht funktionieren? ….ein Jahr (und viele Arbeitstage) später …. „Compliance Status auf Knopfdruck?“  Fehlanzeige! Warum scheitert es?

8 Discover a New Way of Transparency!
Discover Transparency Discover a New Way of Transparency! Use our licensing know-how with as a managed service! It is our core competence!

9 Advantages Over a SAM Tool
Discover Transparency Advantages Over a SAM Tool Software licenses Installed Software Rule Engine Contains the licensing rules of all (relevant) software vendors Centrally maintained, therefore always up to date Individually adapted agreements are considered by our experts Profiler DNA Software Recognition Precise identification of all products including their characteristics (version, edition, language, etc.) No additional investment for the implementation of a product identification system

10 The COMPAREX Compliance Process
Discover Transparency The COMPAREX Compliance Process SAM investment Risk & Costs Deployment Continuous Support No snapshots, but continuous monitoring and up-to-the minute information Time

11 Discover Transparency
COMPAREX SAM2GO Software licenses Software license reconciliation Installed software Automated process Your individual compliance status report will be always available whenever you need it.

12 Discover Transparency
Commercial Inventory Reconciliation Technical Inventory Contract data License agreements Additional conditions License regulation Product recognition Discovery Clients Collection commercial inventory Collection technical inventory MS SMS UNIX Other Procurement data Reseller reports License provider reports ERP systems Discovery Server Comparison Windows SMS UNIX Other License reconciliation Manual queries Discovery Mainframe Optimization: Deinstallation & release Additional purchases  risk management Process optimization Regional product responsibles Analytics & security tools

13 Discover Transparency
Procurement and Contract Data SAM2GO License Balance Technical Inventory CPX ERP system (AX) Software Template Calculation of Software Usage Calculation of Usage Rights Vendor reports (MLS) SAM2GO Data Warehouse Hardware Template SAM2GO Dashboard All other sources (xml, xls,...) DNA Inventory data gathering consolidate data consolidate data data gathering Dashboard access via browser

14 Discover Transparency
SAM2GO Dashboard

15 Discover Transparency
SAM2GO License Balance

16 Minimize Risks – Open Up Potentials
Discover Transparency Minimize Risks – Open Up Potentials Cost Audit Risk Our service – The customers value add Potential Savings Our goal: Licensing in Balance Purchased Licenses Required Licenses Installed Software

17 Was macht uns besonders?
Our Approach Comprehensive SAM Portfolio Unique SAM2GO Managed Service based on COMPAREX compliance technologies (COMPAREX Profiler) and our licensing expertise Our Success Worldwide Microsoft SAM and Licensing awards Our Experience Over 800 SAM projects / engagements delivered since 2000 Various case-studies and customer references Standards & Contribution SAM standards Member of ISO Working Group 21 Contribution to MS SAM Optimization Model (SOM) SAM projects based on ISO standard Our Resources More than 60 SAM Consultants 10+ countries (Germany, UK, WE, CEE, India, U.S.) More than 100 ( SAM MCPs) Our Knowledge COMPAREX Licensing Academy (complete SAM and licensing portfolio)

18 SoftCare A holistic approach around Software Licensing
COMPAREX Software License Lifecycle SoftCare A holistic approach around Software Licensing Demand Purchase License Management Compliance Status Integrated License Management Direct registration of purchased licenses within the contract management system of COMPAREXonline. Efficient Optimization Planning Certified expert advice and support as well as technological consulting from a single source. Optimized Strategic Purchase Training offers by the COMPAREX License Academy. Optimization Best Price Procurement with Complete Legal Compliance Via exclusive best-in-class volume and framework agreements through COMPAREX Arbitrage and Open Book Pricing. Comprehensive Transparency COMPAREX SAM2GO continuously and precisely analyses the software inventory and conducts a final comparison with the contract management (license reconciliation).

19 Discover Transparency
COMPAREX Vision is: To be the best global software license management and services company.

20 Thank you for your attention We Support Your Success!
Visit us at:

21 Contact: Sergiy Purish GM N. Grinchenko 4-B· Kiev Ukraine phone:
Contact: Sergiy Purish GM N. Grinchenko 4-B· Kiev Ukraine phone: mobile: web: Visit us at:

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