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Gender in world politics

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1 Gender in world politics
By Ann Tickner Virginia de la Fuente

2 Contents The Author What is feminism? Defining gender
Feminist Theories Myth of protection Feminist definitions of security Gender in global economy Undervaluing women Using knowledge to inform policy practice

3 The Author Ann Tickner Feminist IR theorist.
Professor of International Relations at the University of Southern California. Scholar at the School of International Services, American University, Washington DC. She critiqued mainstream international relations theorists for the omission of gender from their theory and practice. 

4 What is feminism? "Feminism is the radical notion that women are people“ By Marie Shear, 1986 Academic discipline which looks for defining, establishing and achieving equal political, economic, cultural, personal, and social rights for women.

5 Rights for women’ suffrage
Waves of feminism End XIX- Early XX Early 1990s 3 1 Early 1960s Abolishing gender roles expectations and stereotypes Rights for women’ suffrage 2 Sexuality, family, the workplace, reproductive rights, discrimination, and official legal inequalities

6 Defining gender Both women and men assign more positive value to masculine characteristics. Being a “real men” to succeed in global politics.

7 Theories of Feminism I Liberal Feminism Women’s subordination
Removing legal obstacles=Women’s equality Woman in institutions and practices of global politics  how their work affects or is affected by international policy-making. Critics gender inequalities continue in societies with legal equality.

8 Theories of feminism II
Feminist critical theory Roots in Gramscian Marxism. Explores manifestation of gendered identities and gendered power in gender politics. Sandra Whitworth Feminism and International Relations. Different ways gender has been understood over time in IPPF and ILO.

9 Theories of feminism III
Feminist social constructivism Ideas about gender can influence global politics. Global politics shapes ideas about gender. Elizabeth Prügl The Global Construction of Gender. Treatment of home-based work in international law.

10 Theories of feminism IV
Feminism poststructuralism Knowledge and power. It has been based on men’s lives. Charlotte Hooper Manly States. Textual analysis of The Economist, saturated with masculinity and gendered messages.

11 Theories of feminism V Post-colonial feminism
Western feminism is based on privileged Western women. Chandra Mohanty Women’s subordination must be addressed within their own cultural context.

12 Women&children = need protection
Myth of protection Men = protectors Women&children = need protection Raping and prostitution as military strategy. Bosnia-Serbia war. US military bases in South Korea Military prostitution.

13 Feminist definitions of security
Security means the diminution of all forms of violence, physical, economic or ecological. Think about security from the bottom up instead of from the top down. Individual>State

14 Gender in the global politics I
Gendered division of labor Unequal structures in the global economy. Woman = housewife Man=breadwinner Consequences: Women are disproportionately represented in caring professions. Low wages and double burden

15 Gender in global politics II
Women in US

16 Gender in global politics III
Comparing wages between Journalist Men and Women

17 Gender in global politics IV
Best countries for women to work (more equality)

18 Undervaluing women I

19 Undervaluing woman II

20 Using knowledge to inform policy practice
Women efforts are giving fruits: NGOs and social movements. UN Decade for Women ( ) Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era (DAWN) Southern women.

21 Questions 1)Which part of the world is more needed of Feminism influence? 2)Do you have any stereotype about how a woman must be? 3) What do we need to change first in order to have an equal society?

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