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Class of 2016 Planning for Senior Year Graduation, College, & Beyond.

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1 Class of 2016 Planning for Senior Year Graduation, College, & Beyond

2 Know Your Counselor Last NameCounselor A - FiAmanda Reilly Fl - NSteve Perez O - ZNicole Morasca

3 GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS Harbor High School SUBJECT Credit9th10th11th12th ENGLISH4010 SOCIAL SCIENCE3010 MATH2010 SCIENCE2010 PHYSICAL ED2010 HEALTH55 VISUAL PERFORMING ART 10 World Language/Fine Art/Applied Art 10 APPLIED ART (E-Literacy)55 ELECTIVES70 TOTAL 230

4 University Admission Criteria: “a-g” courses (with a grade of “C” or better) a.Social Science (2 years) b.English (4 years) c.Math (3 years, 4 recommended min. Alg 2) d.Lab Science (2 years, 3 + recommended) e.Foreign Language (2 years, 3+ recommended) f.Visual & Performing Art (1 year) g.College Prep Elective (1 year) Admission tests (SAT & ACT)

5 Calculating Your Academic GPA Grade 10Grade 11Fall Semester CourseGradePointsCourseGradePoints English 2A4Eng 3 Honors*A5* World HistoryB3AP US HistoryB4* GeometryC+2Algebra 2C-2 Biology B-3ChemistryC2 Spanish 2A4Spanish 3A4 PEA-ROP PhotographyB3 1620 Spring Semester CourseGradePointsCourseGradePoints English 2A4Eng 3 Honors* World HistoryB-3AP US History GeometryC2Algebra 2 Biology A4Chemistry Spanish 2B+3Spanish 3 PEA-ROP Photography 16 Total Grade Points = 73 Number of Courses = 22GPA = TGP/NC = 3.32

6 University Admission Tests SAT vs ACT

7 SAT What does SAT stand for? Scholastic Aptitude Test…also known as the SAT Reasoning test What is the SAT Reasoning test? A three-hour test that measures: critical reading, mathematics reasoning, and writing skills. UCs look at all three scores:800+800+800 = 2400 CSUs look at reading & math: 800+800 = 1600

8 Test DateRegistration Deadline May 2nd April 6 th June 6 th May 8 th Register at When should 11 th graders take the SAT & how do they register?

9 America's most widely accepted college entrance exam. ACT assesses high school students' general educational development and their ability to complete college-level work. The multiple-choice tests cover four skill areas: English Mathematics Reading Science The Writing Test, which is optional, measures skill in planning and writing a short essay. Required for UC ACT

10 When should 11 th graders take the ACT & how do they register? Test dateRegistration Deadline April 18 th March 13 th June 13 th May 8 th Register at

11 Mock SAT/ACT Saturday March 7 9am-1pm $10 donation

12 Universities look for involvement beyond academics! VOLUNTEERED IN THE COMMUNITY A WELL-ROUNDED STUDENT MIGHT HAVE: BEEN INVOLVED IN SCHOOL ACTIVITIES BEEN INVOVLED IN NON-SCHOOL ACTIVITIES HAD A JOB Universities want to see ongoing commitment to, growth in, and leadership experience in several extracurricular activities over time.

13 What path will you take after high school & how does it relate to your interests? Interests Career Options Education Required Apprenticeship Programs & Trade Schools 2-Year Colleges 4-year Universities Direct Employment      To assess yourself, go to… Military 

14 Choosing a University By location, climate, geographical area By campus size, town size By major or program Commuting vs. living on campus Reach, Target & Safety schools Cost of college UC (avg)CSU (Chico)Cabrillo Tuition/fees $13,200$ 7,002 $ 1,246 Books/Supplies $ 1,500$ 1,746 $ 1,746 Room/board $13,800$11,208 *$ 4,599 Personal/Health & Transportation $ 3,900$ 2,458 $ 4,266 _____________________________________________ $32,400$22,414$11,857 * Student living with parents

15 UC and CSU Campuses UC System (9)CSU System (23) Berkeley (4.18) Bakersfield (3.2) Maritime (NR) Davis (4.07) Cal Poly Pomona (3.41) Monterey Bay (3.2) Irvine (4.05) Cal Poly SLO (3.87) Northridge (3.09) Los Angeles (4.17) Channel Islands (3.19) Sacramento (3.25) Merced (3.61) Chico (3.21) San Bernardino (3.2) Riverside (3.77) Dominguez Hills (3.0) San Diego (3.82) San Diego (4.13) East Bay (3.1) San Francisco (3.14) Santa Barbara (4.03) Fresno (3.48) San Jose (3.28) Santa Cruz (3.82) Fullerton (3.39) San Marcos (3.18) Humboldt (3.20) Sonoma (3.2) Long Beach (3.44) Stanislaus (3.2) Los Angeles (3.14) (High School GPA Averages for Freshman Admission, Fall 2014) NR – Not Reported

16 Is Cabrillo College a good option for me? Great programs i.e Honors, Puente Financial reasons Not ready to leave home Unsure of major/career interests Transfer agreements, greater options

17 Apprenticeship Opportunities An apprentice is an employee who receives an hourly wage and other benefits while learning a craft/trade. The vast majority of training occurs on-the-job, and is supplemented by classroom instruction. The apprentice works side-by-side with an experienced craftsperson or "journeyperson."

18 Vocational Schools Check out the RWM vocational schools database at… RWM provides a database of Private Postsecondary Vocational Schools in all 50 states. It is organized first by state, then by Training Occupation.

19 Scholarships FAFSA - Free Application for Federal Student Aid Dream Act Deadlines for most local scholarships are in the spring. Complete Scholarship Profile and check HHS website State & national scholarships:

20 Questions?

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