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The European Small Business Act The Regional Dimension Christian WEINBERGER, Senior Adviser - Entrepreneurship & SME Policy European Commission - DG Enterprise.

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1 The European Small Business Act The Regional Dimension Christian WEINBERGER, Senior Adviser - Entrepreneurship & SME Policy European Commission - DG Enterprise EER 2016 Info Day Brussels, 23 October 2014

2 Why are SMEs important ? 7.000 70.000 250.000 1,600.000 5,700.000 13,000.000 Stock Exchange Listed Large Medium Small Micro OPE 100 % 99,97% 99,7% 98,7% 91% 57%

3 SMEs play a significant role 58% of total turnover = €14.000 billion/a

4 SMEs provide employment

5 SMEs create employment  85% of new jobs are created by SMEs

6 What is the SBA ? + A set of politically binding principles + A package of concrete measures (legislative and non-legislative) + An implementation mechanism embedded in the EU 2020 strategy in order to 1 - Improve the overall policy approach to entrepreneurship 2 - Anchor the “Think Small First” principle in policy-making 3 - Promote SMEs’ growth

7 10 politically binding principles 1. Create an environment for entrepreneurs and family businesses to thrive and entrepreneurship to be rewarded 2. Ensure that honest entrepreneurs who have faced bankruptcy quickly get a second Chance 3. Design rules according to the “ Think Small First ” principle 4. Make public administrations responsive to SMEs ’ needs 5. Facilitate SMEs ’ participation in Public Procurement and better use State Aid possibilities for SMEs

8 10 politically binding principles ( ctd.) 6. Facilitate SMEs ’ access to finance and support timely payments in commercial transactions 7. Help SMEs to benefit more from the opportunities offered by the Single Market 8. Promote the upgrading of skills in SMEs and all forms of innovation 9. Enable SMEs to turn environmental challenges into opportunities 10. Encourage and support SMEs to benefit from the growth of markets

9 The SME Envoys The 28 national SME-Envoys (incl. HR) EU SME-Envoy

10 Role and Tasks Inside watchdog function (  Think Small First) burden reduction (  SME Test) Co-ordination of Public Services Identify and spread Good Practices Build links Outside Dialogue with SME organisations Inform and Communi- cate with "SME Public" Focal point for com- plaints & suggestions Collect Feedback on new initiatives & legislation Facilitate Access to SME Programs & Support


12 SBA Fact sheets

13 SME Performance Review Annual Report SBA Fact Overview of size and structure of SMEs in EU Trends, short - term outlook and benchmarking Fact Sheets Monitoring SBA implementation in MS Input to EU 2020 / Competitiveness reporting Stimulate policy debate in MS between administration and stakeholders

14 SBA Profile for Slovakia

15 SBA Performance in Spain

16 SME Test

17 The new SBA Proposal for a "New" SBA with actions for coming years Four priority areas confirmed plus skills/training as fifth priority Open consultation running until 15/12/2015 ( act/public-consultation-sba/index_en.htm) act/public-consultation-sba/index_en.htm Proposal to be submitted to the new Commission in 2015

18  Concrete recommendations & inspiration  Describing Example Regions  Listing Good Practices  Advising on actions to be taken  Listing links with the Thematic Objectives  Explaining the background to the regional SME Policy dimension

19 Regions play a key role in the SBA implementation Regional / local authorities are closer to SME Main Regional challenges creating a business environment with positive conditions creating tailor - made infrastructure innovation - orientated funding supporting the development of networks supporting lifelong learning

20 1) Creating an environment for entrepreneurship link businesses and schools supporting entrepreneurial activities mentoring measures for start - ups create business transfer advisors 2) Ensure a Second Chance information & promotion of a positive attitude early warning system SBA - Actions at regional level

21 3) Implement the " Think Small First " Principle reducing administrative burdens make it easier to start - up a company Introduce SME Test for regional regulation / programs 4) Public administration responsive to SME needs Single points of contact 5) Improve SME Access to Public procurement Simplify public procurements below the threshold facilitate the participation of SME SBA - Actions at regional level

22 6) Access to finance implement the late payments directive (30 days !) develop financial instruments to provide loan guarantees and equity Support Business Angel and VC activities 7) Access to Market Promote the activities of the EEN ( Enterprise Europe Network ) Support internationalisation ( see also GB 7) SBA - Actions at regional level

23 8) Skills, Innovation, Access to knowledge Support & training programs to strengthen the ability to innovate 9) Support " greening " of SMEs Information campaigns Grants for ressource efficiency 10) Encourage growth Offer coaching and mentoring programs SBA - Actions at regional level

24 The regional SME Envoy  In addition ( and co - operation ) with the national SME Envoy  Tasks are similar but for the domain of the regional activities  Use existing structures to the extent possible  Co - operate and synergize with the existing actors  Create specific governance cycle for implementation monitoring

25 The Walloon SME Parliament Four committees working on specific topics Annual plenary session attended by 300 entrepreneurs Aim is a better exchange between region and SME SME Parliament votes for priorities and measures Contributes to the work of the regional SME Envoy Also assists and reviews the implementation of the agreed measures

26 Starting Export Programme in Catalonia Designed to help SME that start exporting One year support for internationalisation with : _ developing an export strategy _ Workshops _ 50 hours from a senior consultant _ 25 hours digital marketing consultant _ support in implementing the export plan More than 550 companies have participated

27 SBA Lombardia Lab Discussion platform for SMEs Objective is analyse the environment for SME Six working goups produce proposals that will be implemented in regional SME policy : _ access to finance _ internationalisation _ product innovation _ process innovation _ start - ups and entrepreneurship _ relations with the EU Working groups also monitor the implementation  www. sbalombardialab. it

28 SME Alarm and Red Tape MOT Baden - Württemberg SME organisations assess the administration burdens of new regulations on EU, national and regional level Region incorporates the concerns in the legislation process SME can express their concerns about administrative procedures in a red tape MOT Concerns will be reviewed as part of the complaint management

29 Early Warning System Southern Denmark Combination of professional B 2 B - Service and a network of economic experts operating on a voluntary basis Offers help to companies in crisis Five regional centres Consultants screen the company 2800 companies received assistance since 2008

30 Junior and Young Entrepreneur Programme County Kerry, Ireland Junior programme teaching the basics of entrepreneurship to children 8-12 years old Promote and awareness and understanding of the role of entrepreneurs in society Make pupils think entrepreneurially Young entrepreneur programme is designed for older pupils 13-18 years old

31 Different SME Policy topics Short layout of the relevant EU Policy Presenting a number of actions to be taken Potential for funding from EU Structural Funds  All based on existing verified good practices SME Policy Guidebook Series


33 1) Building Entrepreneurial Mindsets and Skills in the EU 2) Using Standards to Support Growth, Competitiveness and Innovation 3) Facilitating Transfer of Business 4) The Smart Guide to Service Innovation 5) SBA Implementation at Regional Level 6) How to Use Structural Funds for SME & Entrepreneurship Policy (" Cookbook ") 7) Supporting the Internationalisation of SMEs 8) Public Procurement for SMEs 9) Fostering Investments into SMEs by Business Angels

34 Available in different formats and languages PDF eBook Printed copy EN - FR - DE - IT - ES - EL - BG - CS - DA - ET - LV - LT - HU - NL - PL - PT - RO - SK - SL - FI - SV - HR Download & Ordering : http :// ec. europa. eu / enterprise / policies / sme / regional - sme - policies / index _ en. htm Also available in reasonable quantities for conferences

35 SBA http :// ec. europa. eu / enterprise / entrepreneurship / sba _ en. htm SME Portal http :// ec. europa. eu / small - business SME Performance Review http :// ec. europa. eu / enterprise / policies / sme / facts - figures - analysis / performance - review / SME Policy Good Practices Catalog http :// ec. europa. eu / enterprise / policies / sme / best - practices / index _ en. htm http :// ec. europa. eu / enterprise / policies / sme / best - practices / index _ en. htm SME Policy Guidebooks http :// ec. europa. eu / enterprise / policies / sme / regional - sme - policies / index _ en. htm

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