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Applying for Financial Aid

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1 Applying for Financial Aid 2015-2016
U.S. Representative Mike Thompson’s COLLEGE AFFORDABILITY FORUM February 9, 2015 Applying for Financial Aid Presenter: Patti Morgan Dean of Financial Aid/EOPS/Veterans/ Pre-College TRIO Programs (707)

2 Sources of Financial Aid
Grants, Fee Waivers, Loans, Work Study, Scholarships Federal government State government Colleges and universities Private agencies, companies, foundations, and parents’ employers

3 CA Dream Act Financial Aid
Cal Grant Entitlement Grants Chafee Grant for Foster Youth Middle Class Scholarship UC Grants State University Grants California Community College (CCC) BOG Fee Waiver EOP/EOPS Some University scholarships Some private scholarships administered by campuses

4 How to Apply: FAFSA Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
Primary application for federal and most types of state financial aid. Sophisticated online edits and skip logic help avoid errors Online help is available for each question Student and parent Federal PIN serves as an electronic signature

5 How to Apply (cont.) CA Dream Act Application
For students who are ineligible to submit a FAFSA, but meet AB 540 criteria Used to apply for CA Dream Act financial aid Online application similar to FAFSA Electronic student and parent signature

6 What is AB 540? Assembly Bill (AB) 540 exempts certain students from paying nonresident tuition (higher than resident tuition) and allows them to apply for different types of California Dream Act financial aid. To qualify students need to meet the following qualifications: Attend a California high school for a minimum of 3 years; Graduate from a California high school or pass the California High School Proficiency Exam (CHSPE) or get a General Equivalency Diploma (GED); Enroll in an accredited and qualified California college or university; and, If applicable, fill out an affidavit stating your intent to legalize your immigration status as soon as possible.

7 How to Apply (cont.) Cal Grant GPA Verification Form
Required to apply for Cal Grant CSS/Financial Aid Profile Used at some universities to award institutional grants and scholarships California Chafee Grant Program Application Scholarship Applications

8 2015-2016 Cal Grant Application Requirements
By March 2, 2015, complete and submit: Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) OR Cal Grant GPA Verification Form OR Release Form If eligible under AB540 or DACA, students should complete the California Dream Act Application: Check with your high school or college counselor for more details on how to file the Cal Grant GPA Verification Form, required of all students

9 Special Circumstances
Contact the Financial Aid Office if there are circumstances which affect a family’s ability to pay for college such as: Loss or reduction in parent or student income or assets Death or serious illness Natural disasters affecting parent income or assets such as the recent California wind storms, wild fires, floods, or mudslides Unusual medical or dental expenses not covered by insurance Reduction in child support, Social Security benefits or other untaxed benefit Financial responsibility for elderly grandparents, or Any other unusual circumstances that affect a family’s ability to contribute to higher education

10 Estimated Cost of Attendance
Cost of Attendance includes most everything related to college expenses for one academic year. Also known as the “Student Budget.”

11 CCC BOG Fee Waiver (BOGFW)
The Board of Governors Enrollment Fee Waiver (BOGFW) waives the $46 per unit enrollment fee at any California Community Colleges. To qualify students must: Be a CA resident or be exempt from non-resident fees under AB 540; AND Have financial need, based on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA); OR Be receiving TANF, SSI/SSP or General Assistance; OR Meet specific income standards.

12 Cal Grants/Awards Cal Grant A Awards – up to $12,192 at a U.C., $5,472 at a CSU, and $8,056 at an independent or private college. If attending a Community College, award will be held in reserve for up to 3 years until you transfer to a four-year college. Entitlement and competitive grants available. Cal Grant B Awards – for students with a GPA of at least 2.0, who come from disadvantaged or low income families, additional living allowance of $1,648 and up to the same award amounts of Cal Grant A for the second year. Entitlement and competitive grants available. Cal Grant C Awards - for students from low income families pursuing vocational programs of study. Awards up to $547 for books, tools, etc. and up to $2,462 for tuition and fees at a private college. California Community College (CCC) Transfer Entitlement Grant – CCC students who meet all the Cal Grant eligibility requirements, have at least a 2.4 community college GPA, and meet the awards additional requirements are guaranteed a Cal Grant to attend a four-year college.

13 Eligibility for Cal Grants
To be considered for a Cal Grant award, the student must also: be a U.S. citizen, eligible noncitizen, or AB540 student, and be a California resident, and attend an accredited California college or university at least half-time in meet other award specific criteria if applicable

14 Middle Class Scholarship
Undergraduates with family incomes of up to $150,000 who: Submit Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by March 2, 2015 attend a UC or CSU are U.S. citizens, permanent residents, or have AB540 status are California residents, and maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA Annual award amounts: To be determined by the California Student Aid Commission

15 California Chafee Grant
Provides up to $5,000 annually to current and former foster youth for college or vocational training at any accredited college in the U.S., based on available funding To be eligible, foster youth must have been in California foster care on their 16th birthday and not have reached their 22nd birthday before July 1, 2015 Foster youth are encouraged to apply during their senior year of high school To apply, the foster youth must complete: FAFSA California Chafee Grant Program Application AB540 students may also be eligible To apply for a Chafee Grant, go to:

16 If You Need Federal Student Aid Help
FAFSA on the Web – Live Help Phone FED-AID ( ) the U.S. Department of Education at:

17 If You Need Cal Grant Help
California Student Aid Commission Cal Grant Program By By phone: (888)

18 Additional Assistance
Contact a financial aid officer at the school you plan to attend, or contact us at: Financial Aid/EOPS Office Main Campus, Room 1132 Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Tuesday 9:00 am to 7:00 pm Please call for available appointments.

19 Student Support Services
Program Objective Graduation AND Transfer to a 4-year Institution Serves First-Generation, Low-Income, and students with disabilities Federally funded by the U.S. Department of Education Howard Willis, Director Program Services Academic Advising Counseling Social and Cultural Activities College Transfer Assistance Financial Aid Application Assistance Grant Aid Financial & Economic Literacy Counseling 97 Class Tutoring


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