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DeeperVision and DeepInsight Solutions

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1 DeeperVision and DeepInsight Solutions
Junjie Yan*, Naiyan Wang*, Yinan Yu, Linjiao Zhao, Stan Z. Li, Dit-Yan Yeung * denotes equal contribution

2 DeeperVision Classification
Deeper network always helps

3 DeeperVision Classification
Nesterov method based optimization With large momentum and Nesterov based optimization method, the algorithm could smooth out the optimization path. It can improve top 1 accuracy by 0.8%

4 DeeperVision Classification
More findings… Slow down the speed of data abstraction (stride, kernel size, etc.) More complicated data augmentations Spatial Pyramid Pooling (SPP) Our final results Single net: Top 5 error: 10.5% Ensemble 5 nets: Top 5 error: 9.5%

5 Deep Insight Detection
Region proposal + CNN feature extraction Selective Search + Structural Edge [1] for region proposal. 7/8/9 Convolution Layers + SPM +2 Fully Connected Layers. Deeper Models need more tuning iterations. Better (Deeper) Classification CNN always helps Detection. [1]C. Lawrence Zitnick and Piotr Dollár Edge Boxes: Locating Object Proposals from Edges ECCV 2014

6 Diagnosis Experiments (on 2013-val2 )
Original RCNN conv + SPM more iterations Structural Edge Proposal /8/9 Conv Ensemble CLS Context 42.0

7 Our Final Result We have the best single model (40.2 mAP V.S. the 38.0 mAP of GoogLeNet) We use a non-optimal ensemble method when submitting result. A better ensemble method leads to a 42.0 mAP on val2 after the competition. Keeps improving…

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Junjie Yan: Naiyan Wang:

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