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Warm- Up Hurston Moving Forward Homework

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1 Warm- Up Hurston Moving Forward Homework
Their Eyes Were Watching God: Summary and Overview of Zora Neale Hurston’s Novel Warm- Up Hurston Moving Forward Homework

2 Warm-Up In at least a paragraph, discuss which is more important to you: love or independence. Why?

3 Background Information on Author
Zora Neale Hurston was born in Eatonville, Florida in 1891. She lived in an all African-American community for her childhood years. She wrote several novels and short stories. Her life’s motto was “Jump at the sun!” given to her by her mother. Her writing helped shape future female African-American writers’ approach to authorship and development of identity. She was a writer, anthropologist and political activist.

4 Harlem Renaissance Lasted from 1919-1937.
Goals of the Harlem Renaissance: To respond to the social conditions of African- Americans; To break with the 19th century minstrel stereotypes of African-Americans; To place greater emphasis on black folk culture; To provide political and social uplift for African-Americans through social programs such as the NAACP.

5 Zora Neale Hurston’s Influence on the Harlem Renaissance
Their Eyes Were Watching God is considered the last text of the Harlem Renaissance. Her portrayal of an African-American female able to define herself outside of social conventions and stereotypes has provided a model for modern African Americans seeking their identities in unconventional roles.

6 Feminist Issues in Their Eyes
Their Eyes Were Watching God is considered the first modern feminist text by an African-American. Their Eyes Are Watching God describes Janie’s search to find her identity and voice apart from her three husbands. Janie leaves her first husband in search of a more fulfilling relationships. Janie finds her voice through her femininity and through her community. Janie chooses to work outside the home to find purpose outside of domestic life.

7 Regional Dialect as a Form of Realism
Hurston employed regional black dialect in her writing. Hurston chose to do this because she wanted to portray African-Americans as they appeared in some southern areas of the United States. Realism includes dialect, local color and familial settings.

8 Parallels From Their Eyes to Hurston’s Life
Janie married several times, as did Zora Neale Hurston. Hurston was often poor financially like Janie. Hurston and Janie each search for identity as black women. Hurston had an affair with a young man, as with Janie’s affair with Tea Cake in the novel.

9 Hurston’s Views of the South
Zora Neale Hurston believed that authentic black culture can only be found in the south. Hurston opposed the integrationist measures implemented in the Brown vs. Board of Education decision, seeing integration as a way for cultural values to become tainted. Hurston became a spokeswoman for the first integrated all-black community, Eatonville, Florida.

10 Hurston’s Relationship With Langston Hughes
Both authors shared the same financial patron: Charlotte Mason. Hurston and Hughes collaborated to write Mule Bone, an African-American play. They also worked together to publish the first issue of Fire, a magazine in which several up-and-coming black authors were able to publish their early works.

11 Black Arts Movement Their Eyes Were Watching God marked the end of the Harlem Renaissance. After this period (post 1937), the Black Arts Movement began, in which African Americans continued to seek a new black aesthetic that captured the emotions, desires and unique talents of blacks in America as they face prejudice.

12 Their Eyes Were Watching God APEN 11 Assignment
Each student will be responsible to teach a chapter of the text. Your presentation will be a minimum of 15 minutes long. Complete details of the assignment AND assigned Chapter dates will be distributed Thursday!

13 Read Chapters 1 – 3 and take notes on the text.
Homework Read Chapters 1 – 3 and take notes on the text.

14 Their Eyes Were Watching God
Warm- Up Big Ideas Discussion Questions Presentation Assignment

15 Warm – Up: Which character do you relate to best at this point? Why? Explain in at least a paragraph.

16 Local Color Culture (everything that humans do that isn’t motivated by natural instinct) Tradition ( cultural behavior that exhibits continuity in time) Narrative (stories—differing cultures have a differing “sense of story”) Orality (anything that is spoken, changed, recited, sung, or read aloud) Performance Etiology (any explanation for the origin of something) Folklore (cultural behaviors or traditions)

17 Characters Janie Crawford Nanny Logan Killicks Joe Starks Tea Cake
Pheoby Watson Mrs. Washburn Mr. Turner Mrs. Turner Hezekiah Motor Boat

18 Literary Elements Personification (death) Frame narration Symbols
Metaphor (mules/black women) Irony Characterization Folklore Legend Local color (historical, cultural setting) Dialect Conflict Character motivation

19 Symbols Janie’s hair Pear tree The horizon The hurricane
Head rags worn by Janie / removal of hair rags

20 Themes Language Power Love Independence Community Race & Racism
History Religion / Spirituality

21 Themes (continued) Paths to God / seeking personal happiness and love
People in power are often hated Men don’t understand women’s feelings Fate as a driving force in life

22 Chapter Questions 1 - 3 Describe the contrast made for the “porch sitters” as workers and as storytellers. Janie has an identity problem until she is around six. Why? What does Nanny do to short circuit Janie’s longing to experience life? What are Nanny’s plans for Janie? And, how does Janie feel about Nanny’s plans for her? What metaphor does Nanny use to describe the plight of black women? What does she mean? What was Nanny’s mulatto daughter’s name? How might the name relate to Janie’s experiences under the pear tree? What parallel experiences have implanted negative fears about men in Nanny’s head? What troubles Janie about her marriage to Logan Killicks? What is Nanny’s definition of the good life? (What does Nanny think is important in life – especially in regards to Logan Killicks?) Chapter three ends with Janie’s first dream dying. What had that dream been and how does it die?

23 Continue Reading Their Eyes Were Watching God and begin preparing your presentation.

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