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The ACA & Family Law Scenarios. Let’s keep the conversation to health care… For the most part the ACA does not affect SNAP/TANF Questions? The public.

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1 The ACA & Family Law Scenarios

2 Let’s keep the conversation to health care… For the most part the ACA does not affect SNAP/TANF Questions? The public benefits group at LAF can help! Email

3 Meet the Lopez Family Maria (CP), Juan (NCP) and 4 kids

4 Maria and Juan’s Incomes Maria earns $26,000/year Juan earns $50,000/year Maria and Juan are uninsured; kids are on AllKids

5 Maria is your client Maria left Juan and took the kids Domestic violence is involved What can she do for health care coverage right now?

6 Considerations

7 You file for divorce… The court orders the parties to submit a ‘married filing jointly’ tax return until the divorce is finalized instead of individual returns and may find dissipation if a party does not cooperate

8 Considerations What happens to Maria’s coverage options?

9 Scenario 1 (post divorce) A court grants the parties children as tax exemptions in alternate years. Maria plans to keep the kids on AllKids, and plans to get her own health insurance through Medicaid. What are the consequences of alternating the children as tax exemptions?

10 Considerations Maria earns $26,000/year In years where she claims kids, they all have Medicaid In years where she does not claim kids, she earns too much income to qualify for Medicaid and must buy a Marketplace plan for herself Juan earns $50,000/year so kids can always stay on AllKids [but the premiums will be higher]

11 Scenario 2 What if the court orders that Maria claims 2 kids and Juan claims 2 kids?

12 Considerations Maria can always get Medicaid (if her income stays the same).

13 Scenario 3 Juan gets a job with health insurance. Maria has been covering the parties’ children through AllKids. Maria brings a child support action, and the court orders Juan to cover the children through his employer’s health insurance. Court allocates the tax exemptions to Juan. What are the consequences of allocating the tax exemptions to Juan?

14 Considerations A marketplace plan with APTC is not available because of MEC Clients may need to do this research ahead of time—attorneys may need to ask them to specify what they want in their petition for temp support

15 Maria still obtains the insurance… Maria still obtains All Kids for the children, since she is the custodial parent. But the cost of the health insurance is calculated based on Juan’s income, because he is claiming the children as dependents.

16 Scenario 4 – Post- Judgment The judgment specified that Maria and Juan will each claim 2 kids One of the kids Juan claims, Ramon, is about to turn 19 Juan has employer insurance Now that Ramon will be too old for AllKids, what can he do?

17 Considerations Young Adult – up to age 26 rule under the ACA Need to add provision reserving right to petition the court to maintain a child on parent’s health insurance beyond the age of 19

18 Scenario 4 – Post- Judgment Juan decides to remarry. His new wife’s name is Sandra. She also earns $50,000/year. They will file taxes “married filing jointly”. Sandra has no children.

19 Considerations

20 Meet the Smith Family

21 You are representing Lisa in her divorce against Sam They have no children Sam works and gets health insurance through his employer.

22 Scenario 1 Lisa has no employer-provided insurance For Lisa to get COBRA through Sam’s employer (post judgment) she would have to pay $800/month Lisa has a chronic illness that requires regular care, visits to specialists, and hospitalization

23 Considerations Health considerations Marketplace insurance Family Law Considerations Legal separation? Pros and cons. Maintenance to pay COBRA? Taxable to wife; increases her household income.

24 Scenario 2 Lisa chooses a Marketplace plan Lisa applies for Social Security Disability and is found disabled

25 Considerations After 24 month waiting period, she has to go onto Medicare and off the Marketplace Cost sharing subsidies might be available

26 Meet the Harrison Family Anna is the CP of their two kids Bob covers the kids with his employer insurance

27 Meet the Harrison Family Anna files a petition for child support against Bob. Anna asks the court to NOT order that the children be covered by Bob’s employment-based insurance because she hates the network doctors and the co-pays and prefers to use All Kids.

28 Scenario 1 The court grants her request and Bob takes the kids off his health insurance. What are the consequences?

29 Considerations

30 Scenario 2 The court tells the parties, “I’m not going to make taxpayers pay for your kids’ health insurance. Either the kids are covered through NCP’s employer- based health insurance, or you can buy a marketplace plan for the kids.” What are the consequences?

31 Considerations

32 Scenario 3 Assume Bob has kids on employer based health insurance. The court orders Bob to maintain his employer-based health insurance for the kids, and tells Anna she can apply for All Kids as a secondary insurer if she wants to. What are the consequences?

33 Considerations Unless under 200% FPL, can’t get All Kids as a secondary

34 Special Populations Grandparents raising grandchildren Same sex couples/families (SEP for marriage) Non citizens with citizen children Others?

35 Take Away Tips Tax filing status/rules matter Education of judges is critical Uninsured requirement in All Kids

36 Still have questions? Contact Dawn Howell at

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