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Enlightenment, French Revolution, Napoleon, Latin American Revolution

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1 Enlightenment, French Revolution, Napoleon, Latin American Revolution
Test Review

2 Enlightenment Ideas opposed absolute monarchy
Influenced by the Scientific Revolutions use of reason and natural John Locke believed all people had natural rights of Life, Liberty, and property; gov’t protects peoples basic rights and if not can be overthrown; influenced Jefferson and the writing of the Declaration of Independence

3 Enlightenment Montesquieu: separation o powers and 3 branches of government Voltaire: Freedom of speech and press; religious freedom and toleration Rousseau: support the statement that all men are created equal; people make agreement to follow the “general will”

4 According to John Locke, the chief role of government was to:
Protect natural rights Fight territorial wars Ensure the wealth of citizens Redistribute land

5 Which idea became a central belief of the Enlightenment?
The use of reason would lead to human progress. Mathematics could be used to solve all human problems. The ancient Romans had the best form of government. People should give up their natural rights to their rulers.

6 Locke’s Two Treatises of Government, Rousseau’s The Social Contract, and Montesquieu’s The Spirit of the Laws were works written during which time period? Middle Ages Renaissance Enlightenment Reformation

7 Philosophers of the Enlightenment period believed that society could best be improved by:
relying on faith and divine right borrowing ideas from ancient Greece and Rome applying reason and the laws of nature studying the practices of successful leaders ruling cities of 100,000 to 300,000 people

8 The ideas of Rousseau, Voltaire, and Montesquieu most influenced:
the growing power of priests in the Roman Catholic Church improvements in the working conditions of factory workers the rise of industrial capitalism movements for political reform

9 The Enlightenment philosophers believed that the power of government is derived from:
divine right ruler the middle class a strong military those who are governed

10 Causes of the French Revolution
The wars and debt of Louis XIV Weak leadership of Louis XVI inequalities in the tax structure Third Estate paid ALL the taxes, First and Second paid no taxes Inspired by the American Revolution and Enlightenment

11 Robespierre and the Reign of Terror
After a few years of an unstable gov’t the radical Jacobin Club comes to power Robespierre and other radicals started Reign of Terror Committee of Public Safety purged and violently killed his opponents (anti-revolutionaries) Reign of Terror ended after Robespierre’s death

12 Napoleon Nationalist leader that provided stability for France
Expanded the French Empire ( ) with the Napoleonic Wars Finally defeated in Russia because of the harsh winter and large size loss at the Battle of Waterloo ended the Age of Napoleon Followed by the Congress of Vienna Increased Nationalism and spread ideals of the revolution through Europe

13 What was a major cause of the French Revolution?
inequalities in the tax structure economic success of mercantilism failure of the Congress of Vienna Continental System in Europe

14 Which factors protected Russia from control by Napoleon’s army?
religious and cultural similarities industrialization and modernization geographic size and location political and economic instability

15 Which geographic factor in Russia played a role in Napoleon’s defeat in 1812 and Hitler’s defeat at Stalingrad in 1943? Siberian tundra Caspian Sea arid land harsh climate

16 Which description most accurately describes the Reign of Terror
limited the power of absolute leaders illustrated the power of public opinion in forming national policy established social stability and economic growth used violent methods to eliminate their opponents

17 Which document created during the French Revolution expressed reflected enlightenment ideas of natural law? The Magna Carta The Petition of Right The Declaration of Rights of Man and Citizen The Declaration of Independence

18 Which European ruler was most responsible for stirring nationalistic feelings across Europe and Latin America King Louis XVI George Washington Czar Alexander II Napoleon

19 Latin American Revolutions
Enlightenment and revolutionary ideas spread from Europe and the United States to Latin America Inspired by the American and French Revolutions Enlightenment ideas Nationalistic feelings

20 Latin American Revolutionary Leaders
Lead liberation movements in their countries Encouraged nationalistic feelings within their countries Haiti- Toussaint L’ Ouverture South America- Simon Bolivar South America- Jose de San Martin Mexico-Miguel Hidalgo

21 1) Simon Bolivar, Jose de San Martin, and Toussaint L’ Ouverture are best known as:
Scientists who supported the heliocentric theory Leaders of the Latin American Independence movements Early Spanish explorers Communist leaders of the 19th century

22 2) The Enlightenment and the American Revolution were both major influences on 19th century uprisings in: Latin America The Middle East Austria Japan

23 2) The Enlightenment and the American Revolution were both major influences on 19th century uprisings in: Latin America The Middle East Austria Japan

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