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03 | Application Lifecycle Management Susan Ibach| Technical Evangelist Christopher Harrison | Head Geek.

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1 03 | Application Lifecycle Management Susan Ibach| Technical Evangelist Christopher Harrison | Head Geek

2 What is TFS? Team Foundation Server (TFS) allows you to plan and track your projects from requirements collection to production TFS 2012 made it much easier to install TFS, added support for GitHub, and a number of big improvements for requirements tracking TFS 2013 has made improvements for managing larger projects, and a number of improvements along the way to help all TFS users

3 Module Overview TFS New features for planning TFS New features for development Visual Studio Online In release Management

4 TFS 2013 new features for planning Iteration task board Administration View for managing multiple teams Features work item Kanban board Work Item tagging

5 Planning in TFS In TFS you define one or more teams and team members You enter your project requirements in the form of user stories. You assign user stories to different iterations User stories are broken up into tasks and assigned to team members You can update progress for different tasks, re-assign work items to different iterations, or view the backlog of work remaining

6 Have you ever tried to keep track of status for all the tasks for a release?

7 The iteration view shows you all the user stories assigned to a specific iteration

8 In TFS 2013 You can view a task board for each iteration

9 DEMO Iteration Task Board

10 Ever work on a project where you have multiple teams, and some individuals are split across teams?

11 Managing work across teams TFS 2013 has new portfolio capabilities so you can see the work across multiple teams and how that works rolls up to a bigger project or goal

12 DEMO Administration view for managing multiple teams

13 Do you think about requirements as Features -> User Stories -> Tasks?

14 The new Feature Work Item type acts as a parent to one or product backlog items

15 DEMO Features

16 Have you ever tried to track the status of tasks for a specific team?

17 The Kanban board assists with throttling and tracking your work over time

18 DEMO Kanban

19 Have you ever needed a way to identify a set of tasks that you needed to track separately? (e.g. tasks that connect to a 3 rd party system)

20 Work Item tagging allows you to categorize and filter lists of work items

21 DEMO Work Item Tagging

22 TFS 2013 new features for development Team Room Lightweight code comments Code Lens

23 Ever missed taken a couple of days off and then spent the first day back trying to find out what happened while you were away?

24 The team room is a record of everything happening with the team

25 You can use a Team room to Share announcements with team members Send messages to team members Track events

26 DEMO Team Room

27 Have you ever gone digging through your email to try and find the discussion on why you made a code change?

28 Lightweight code comments allow you to have conversations about code within the browser

29 DEMO Lightweight code comments

30 How often do you find yourself looking up references to a method, or looking up when a method was last modified?

31 CodeLens provides insight about classes, methods, and properties within the code editor

32 DEMO Code Lens

33 Are you using GitHub?

34 GitHub is supported for source control

35 DEMO Using GitHub

36 Have you heard of Visual Studio Online?

37 Visual Studio Online user capabilities Unlimited projects/repositories Agile planning Work item tracking Code discussions Work item chart viewing = Basic capabilities + Agile Portfolio Management Team Rooms Work item chart authoring Request & manage feedback = Advanced capabilities + Web test case management

38 Options for users to access Visual Studio Online 3) New cloud-only monthly user plans 2) Included for MSDN subscribers Increased value to existing and new MSDN subscribers User plans purchased via Windows Azure. 1) Completely free for small teams FREE: 5 users FREE: 60 minutes Cloud Build per month FREE: 5 users Additional users $20/month All users $45/month Max 10 per account with this plan Includes use of the VS Pro IDE All users $60/month

39 DEMO Visual Studio Online

40 How many environments do you typically support on a project? (dev, test, …)

41 Optimizing the release cycle DEV QA INT PROD Team Foundation Server

42 Release process

43 Release cycle

44 Stage stack

45 In Release Management A continuous deployment solution for.NET teams Automates the deployment process Simplifies managing multiple environments Improves collaboration throughout the process Provides release analytics and reporting History Originally launched in 2009 as InRelease by InCycle Software InRelease 2.0 launched in 2010, 3.0 in 2013 Acquired by Microsoft in 2013

46 Release Management components Release Management Client for Visual Studio 2013 is available with: Visual Studio Test Professional Visual Studio Premium Visual Studio Ultimate Release Management Server for Team Foundation Server 2013 Microsoft Deployment Agent 2013 Required per deployment node Licensed separately

47 Resources In Release

48 Where can I get Visual Studio 2013 MSDN subscribers can download Startup companies may qualify for MSDN through BizSpark Students can access through Dreamspark Anyone can download Express or Trial versions at Visual Studio Online – free for up to 5 users

49 ©2013 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft, Windows, Office, Azure, System Center, Dynamics and other product names are or may be registered trademarks and/or trademarks in the U.S. and/or other countries. The information herein is for informational purposes only and represents the current view of Microsoft Corporation as of the date of this presentation. Because Microsoft must respond to changing market conditions, it should not be interpreted to be a commitment on the part of Microsoft, and Microsoft cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information provided after the date of this presentation. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, AS TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS PRESENTATION.

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