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GlobModel Workshop 12-14 September ESA and Global Change Projects Olivier Arino.

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1 GlobModel Workshop 12-14 September ESA and Global Change Projects Olivier Arino

2 GOCE Earth gravity field and Geoid measurements Launch: 2007 ADM-Aeolus Windspeed vectors measurements Launch: 2009 EarthCARE Clouds, Aerosols & radiation measurements Launch: 2012+ Earth Explorer missions SMOS Soil moisture and ocean salinity measurements Launch: 2008 Cryosat-2 Ice elevation and ice thickness measurements Launch: 2009 SWARM Earth magnetic field & Earth core dynamics meas. Launch: 2009+

3 Meteosat Since 78, 8 ESA developed Meteosat satellites have been launched MSG-1 29.8.2002 Earth Watch Missions MetOp Europes first polar orbiting satellite for op. meteorology Launch: 2006 and now GMES Sentinel-1 Sentinel-2 Sentinel-3 ERS-1 1991 ERS-2 1995

4 ESA-IGBP Interface

5 ATSR World Fire Atlas

6 GLOBCARBON, Land Products for Carbon Cycle Models Development of a processing system, to generate multi- annual (1998-2007) estimates of land surface products globally from the VEGETATION, ATSR-2, AATSR, MERIS sensors. Demonstration and qualification of the GLOBCARBON processor by production of global estimates of Leaf Area Index, Fraction of Absorbed Photosynthetic Radiation, Vegetation Growth and Burned Area from 1998-2007. User Organisations: IGBP, Intl ESSP Global Carbon Project (GCP), Intl Potsdam Institute for Climate (PIK), D Max Planck Institute for Meteorology (MPI), D Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et Environnement (LSCE), FR CTCD UK Geoland EU GMES Project, EU Global, multi-annual, multi-sensor Links with major land surface, atmospheric transport and terrestrial carbon modelling community Project Team:VITO, B GIM, B Trasys, B Datamat, I Lamma, I

7 GLOBAEROSOL, Global Aerosol from Space Development of a standard reference multi- year global aerosol product over land and water (1995–2005) to support the requirements of users in Climate and NWP research, Transboundary Air Pollution monitoring and Air Quality assessment. Preparation for operationalisation under GMES. Assimilation of the aerosol product in NWP and Chemisty Transport Models Project Team:GMV S.A., E RAL, UK Univ. Oxford, UK Lab. d'Optique Atmosphérique, F Users Organisations (national and regional public authorities): ECMWF, Intl European Monitoring and Evaluation Programme, Intl Max Planck Institute – Meteorology, D Agenzia Regionale per la Protezione dellAmbiente, I Landesumweltamt Nordrhein-Westfalen, D Ministry of Environment, GR Flemish Environment Agency, B Strong links with research, operational, and government users. Development of merging of MERIS, (A)ATSR and MSG/SEVIRI data

8 GLOBICE Sea Ice Dynamics for Climate Research Sea ice motion and deformation mapping Seasonal cycle of sea ice in the Arctic Long-term changes in the cryosphere e.g. extent, volume and flux of sea ice, based on 14 year archive of ERS and ENVISAT (more than 500 000 SAR scenes) Users Organisations: CliC IGBP, WCRP and other Climate Research Programmes Scientific communities

9 GLOBCOLOUR, Global Ocean Colour for Carbon Cycle Research Development and demonstration of an EO-based service supporting global ocean carbon cycle research. Provision of a long time-series (1997-2006) of consistently calibrated global ocean colour information, according to requirements specified by the global ocean colour user community Demonstration NRT service for operational users Based on merging MERIS, POLDER, SeaWIFS, and MODIS to provide the best possible coverage. Will test different data merging approaches Two user workshops planned MERIS Chlorophyll Map (2005)

10 GlobCover, Global Land Cover service at 300 meters

11 Globcover access tool (Terradue) Bit torrent Technology Compliant with GeoNetwork Data Access GlobCover access tool

12 ESA/DUE Globcover website Please register to our Globcover Newsletter ( contact point : ) Next issue in September 2007 Postel Globcover website GlobCover information

13 Europe classification results Italia Globcover 2005-2006 (300 m) Corine LC 2000 (300 m)

14 Europe classification results Denmark Globcover 2005-2006 (300 m) Corine LC 2000 (300 m)

15 Globcover 2005-2006 (300 m) Corine LC 2000 (300 m) Europe classification results France - Belgium

16 Globcover 2005-2006 (300 m) Corine LC 2000 (300 m) Europe classification results UK

17 Globcover 2005-2006 (300 m) Corine LC 2000 (300 m) Europe classification results Spain

18 GlobMODEL, EO in Global Earth System Modelling Study contract to understand how to strengthen the use of satellite data in global earth system modelling Consultation with the user community to gather and consolidate requirements Analysis of the potential benefits of assimilating various new sources of EO data and of issues impeding wider use Definition of a strategy for increasing the uptake of EO in global earth system modelling Identification of priorities for future DUE work plan User Organisations: Operational weather and climate modelling institutes Earth-system modelling and data assimilation research groups Wide user consultation leading to definition of future work plan The Water Cycle

19 GlobWave User Requirement, 19-21 September, Ifremer, Brest GlobCarbon second User Consultation, 11 october ESA, Frascati TEMIS second User Consultatiuon, 8 and 9 October, ESA, Frascati GlobCover second User Consultation, 13 November FAO GlobColour second User Consultation, 20-22 November, Niva, Oslo Medspiration 6 th User Consultation, Niva Oslo GlobSeries, Calendar

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