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GEOGLAM: Achievements & Planned activities

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1 GEOGLAM: Achievements & Planned activities

2 Achievement : GEOGLAM Crop Monitor Developed in response to G-20, together with AMIS* (end user driven) First time, operational crop condition assessments produced by consensus of the international community ( over 30 national and international partners ) Release monthly bulletin highlighting potential hotspots (maps & pie charts of stress / bumper crop) for the four main crops: wheat, corn, rice and soybeans AMIS: Agricultural Market Information System Next steps Release best available crop type maps & crop calendars R&D on RS based crop condition indicators & alerts Improve charts & maps Grow the Crop Monitor activity beyond AMIS Operational since September 2013 Community of practice guiding the research agenda Developed awareness & demand for RS based information

3 3 / 10 A Crop Monitor for Countries at Risk Collaborative production among WFP, FAO, FEWS NET, JRC, RADI, WMO & UMD, Prototyping by FEWS NET & UMD Being discussed now: – Identification of countries & crops covered – Common definitions & thresholds – Forecast of trend or future crop condition – Platform for data & information sharing – Cross-checking & verification of crop condition classifications & any consequent alerts Network expansion to bring in regional & national organizations Under dev t : Early Warning Crop Monitor (EWCM) Prototype: Ethiopia, March 2015

4 Under dev t : GEOGLAM RAPP Rangelands and Pasture Productivity sub-task Objectives: – Global monitoring of dynamics of available plant biomass (nature & quantity), incl. its condition & trends in productivity, as affected by natural & human-induced impacts; Monitoring of nature & quality of animals that feed on biomass & their protein production Accurate forecasts of pasture & rangelands productivity declines Early warning of pasture decline, food production shortfalls Based on spatially explicit biomass dynamics and biomass utilization with: wall-to-wall satellite data standardised land-cover mapping approaches, integrated ground measurements of aboveground biomass simulation modelling – A meeting coming up in July in Campinas, Brazil – CSIRO/EMBRAPA to advance the work plan See:

5 A global network of 33 sites R&D to support enhancements for operational agricultural monitoring systems Next 2 years: Multi-site SAR experiment building on Minimum Dataset exercise & NASA and ESA support for SIGMA optical inter-comparison research JECAM: Joint Experiment for Crop Assessment & Monitoring

6 Achievements & 2015 Plans 1. Global / Regional System of Systems main producer countries, major commodities 2. National Capacity Building for agricultural monitoring using earth observation 3. Monitoring countries at risk food security assessment 4. EO data coordination 5. Method improvement through R&D coordination 6. Data products and information dissemination Global Crop Monitor (UMD) Early Warning Crop Monitor (FEWSNET) Joint Experiment for Crop Assessment & Monitoring – JECAM (AAFC – UCL) Rangelands & Pasture Productivity (RAPP-CSIRO) CB projects in Argentina, Brazil, Mongolia, Pakistan, Ukraina… Close links with Committee of Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS) EC FP7 SIGMA project Stimulating Innovation for Global Monitoring of Agri- culture and its Impact on the Environment in support of GEOGLAM (VITO) STARS (BM Gates) Spurring a Transfor- mation for Agricul- ture through Remote Sensing (ITC-UMD) GEOGLAM : a global collaborative initiative with already significant achievements… … with a need for continuous support to address monitoring of continuously changing global agricultural issues Asia-RiCE reporting to GCM (JAXA- ASEAN) Asia-RiCE developt of methods (JAXA-ASEAN) Asia-RiCE transfer of methods (JAXA-ASEAN) GEONetCast Satellite Broadcasting Data services prototypes developed/ tested NASA/CEOS SEO Mature / On going Emerging or R&D ESA projects: SEN2-FOR-AGRI (UCL) 4 Agri. Products + Software + 4 Use cases GEORICE (CESBIO) Radar for Rice growth monitoring

7 Much needed support for Regional Coordination… 7/6 GEOGLAM, Global Agricultural Monitoring

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