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Temptation James 1:12-15.

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1 Temptation James 1:12-15

2 Introduction-1 The Greek word used in verse 13 ( peirazo) means to try, to test or to prove It may refer to the troubles that test out faith The temptation of v. 12 These may originate with God- Gen. 22:1 And may result in sin But God allows them for our benefit- Rom. 5:3-4 2. It is used in verse 13 for an enticement to sin

3 Introduction-2 Drawing us away from what is right and encouraging us to violate God’s law Temptation results from our ability to choose between right and wrong All accountable people face temptation every day It is the consequence of having fleshly desires in a world filled with evil The way we deal with temptations will determine our eternal destiny

4 Temptation and Sin Temptation may lead to sin but it is not sin
Jesus was tempted in the same ways we are tempted but without sin- Heb. 4:15 Yielding to temptation results in sin- v. 15 God will not allow a temptation that cannot be resisted- I Cor. 10:13 Resisting temptation makes us spiritually stronger And better able to avoid sin in the future

5 Sources of Temptation-1
Enticements to do evil do not come from God- v. 13 He is holy and evil is contrary to His nature 1. Satan is the original tempter- Mt. 4:3 He tempted Eve, Job and Jesus His intention is to produce sin, keep people in it and to destroy as many souls as he can- I Pet. 5:8 2. Those deceived by Satan- Prov. 1:10 He has many agents working for him

6 Sources of Temptation-2
3. The persecutions and the troubles that we face- I Pet. 4:12 These challenge our faith and will either draw us nearer to the Lord or move us away from Him Things that we think, see and hear that are wrong These can generate a desire for evil things- v. 14 Regardless of its source, we can resist temptation and are responsible for yielding to it

7 Avenues of Temptation Areas in which we are most susceptible to temptation The world in which we live is full of things that appeal to us through these ways- I Jn. 2:16 Lust of the flesh- Mt. 4:3 Lust of the eyes- Josh. 7:21 The pride of life Things that appeal to our ego and feed our pride- Acts 12:22 Satan used all 3 to deceive Eve- Gen. 3:6

8 Attitudes toward Temptation-1
Our attitude will determine our response to temptation Deny it exists Those who deny sin must deny temptation Will result in one doing whatever is pleasurable without any pain of conscience 2. Not concerned about it After all everybody sins- Rom. 3:23

9 Attitudes toward Temptation-2
The Lord will forgive me A foolish and dangerous attitude Sin hardens the heart and makes seeking forgiveness less likely- Heb. 3:13 Desire to avoid temptation and sin as much as possible Will not frequent places where temptation is apt to occur Will run if necessary rather than yield- Gen. 39:12

10 Overcoming Temptation-1
We cannot avoid all temptations Being a faithful Christian requires that we resist and overcome temptation We must recognize temptation One reason many fail to resist it We must know God’s word Jesus answered Satan with “it is written” 3. We must develop self-control- II Pet. 1:6

11 Overcoming Temptation-2
So that our desires do not control us 4. Be determined not to yield- Dan. 3:18 5. Draw near to God- Jas. 4:7-8 Praying for strength and to see the way of escape He has promised- I Cor. 10:13 6. Stay busy doing things that are right Idleness often leads to temptation- II Sam. 11:2

12 Result of Temptation Only two possible outcomes
Yielding which results in sin- Jas. 1:15 Which without repentance will bring spiritual death and eternal punishment- Rom. 6:23 2. Resisting and overcoming it Which makes us spiritually stronger Brings God’s approval and eternal life Are you resisting temptation in your life?

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