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Standards of Ideal Housekeeping

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1 Standards of Ideal Housekeeping

2 Cleanliness All areas are immaculately clean, corner-to-corner, top to bottom, including surfaces. Closets, cabinets and storage areas are also kept clean. Furnitures and fixtures are properly dusted; doorknobs and metal fixtures are polished with the right metal polishing chemical. Windows and glass panels are dusted and polished. Floors are vacuumed, polished or shampooed when necessary. Grounds are free of liters and dirt.

3 Orderliness Facilities and fixtures are properly arranged and installed in appropriate location. Room amenities are properly installed in appropriate location. Linens are neatly folded. Beds are made up properly, linen are mitered and wrinkle free.

4 Sanitation The whole area is free from all sources of bacterial contamination such as un-disposed garbage and left-over, stagnant water, etc.; Wet garbage is properly underlined with plastic, covered and disposed regularly; All items for personal use of guest and which come in contact with the body like linen, cutleries, glasses, etc. are sanitized with sanitizing detergents to protect guests from possible bacterial contamination; Glasses and water jug that are installed in guestrooms are covered; Area is protected from pest infestation, regularly fumigated to eliminate pests.

5 Guests’ Comfort Rooms are properly ventilated and lighted;
Guests are not disturbed by noise and other forms of distractions; There are sufficient amenities for the comfort of guests like linen, toiletries, drinking glass, etc.

6 Eye Appeal Ambiance is soothing to the eyes, not dim or dull;
Suitable interior design is provided for; there is proper blending of colors; No eyesore can be found in guest-contact areas; Wall decors and TV sets are posted at eye level.

7 Safety The rooms, function rooms and public areas are free from any safety hazards like open electrical outlet, dangling wires, damaged tiles, slippery floors, broken chairs, etc.; Building is provided with all required safety facilities like ventilated fire exits, emergency alarm, fire extinguishers/hoses; luminous safety signs, etc. safety standards prescribed for building maintenance by the government are strictly enforced; Safety instructions during emergencies are available in all rooms; The hotel is prepared for any emergency, has a well organized safety or emergency procedures and emergency brigade; All staff are trained on emergency procedures, including the use of safety equipment; Trained roving guards are available to check movements in guestrooms and to insure the protection of guests.

8 Materials Control and Preventive Maintenance
There is a designated budget for supplies and materials; Consumption of supplies is always monitored and excessive consumption is determined and reported; Par stock requirements are always maintained; regular requisitions are made; All tools and equipment are stored safely in appropriate storage compartments right after use; Chemicals are diluted properly and used sparingly; Supplies and materials are consumed within the limits of the budget;

9 All appliances and equipment are regularly checked for any damage and maintained in safe working condition to avoid accidents; Losses, damages and equipment breakdown are properly reported, documented and accounted for, given appropriate action; There is regular inventory of supplies and materials; Effective control measures are designed and enforced to prevent losses and pilferages; Regular cleaning and check-up of equipment is undertaken; Staffs are trained on the proper use and maintenance of equipment.

10 Guest Relations Guest requests and concerns are given prompt and proper attention; Staff exhibit a warm and pleasant disposition in dealing with guests; Tact and diplomacy is observed in dealing with complaints and difficult situations; Customer feedback is solicited to determine guests’ satisfaction; Customer feedback and concerns are logged down and discussed for corrective action during meetings;

11 Staff expresses warm appreciation and gratitude for guest patronage;
Customer needs and concerns are anticipated and attended to immediately; Inquiries of guests are given accurate and appropriate response; Staff do out of their way to render extra service to guests; Guests with special problems like the sick, intoxicated pones, etc, are given the necessary assistance and support by the Housekeeping staff.

12 Cleaning Standards

13 Sweeping All swept floors do not have dust streaks nor show marks where dirt was picked up. No dirt left on corners, behind doors, under carpets or furnitures.

14 Mopping Water is used sparingly.
Cleaning solutions are rinsed quickly and the floor is dried at once.

15 Floor Cleaning Swept or vacuumed, carpet is shampooed as necessary.
Cemented or vinyl floor is scrubbed or polished. Floors are free of obstructions. All floors, after thorough stripping/ scrubbing are applied with a thin, smooth and even finish.

16 Floor Finishing Floor finishes are not allowed to build up in corners, baseboards, or underneath furniture. Stripping and removal of old floor finish is done whenever necessary to avoid yellowing and build-up in corners, baseboards, or under furniture.

17 Wall Washing Streaks and lap marks are not visible.
Corners and areas difficult to reach are cleaned with soft cloth to remove smudges. Walls are spot free. Water does not run on floors and fixtures.

18 Vacuuming All carpeted areas/ upholsteries are kept clean, free of dust. All spots are removed upon discovery.

19 Dusting All surfaces are dust-free. Corners are vacuumed.

20 Window Cleaning Window glasses do not have smudges or watermarks.
Window frames and channels are free of dust.

21 Cleaning Glass Panels, Mirrors
Thoroughly cleaned, no visible streaks, scratches or spots.

22 Waste Disposal, Garbage Containers
Emptied of trash, garbage, and dirt; disposed daily. Cleaned as often as necessary. Containers are underlined with plastic.

23 Cleaning of Ashtrays Emptied of soil and cigarette butts, washed and wiped dry.

24 Cleaning of Drinking Fountain
Kept clean and sanitary. Fixtures are wiped dry to avoid retention of water that causes watermarks.

25 Bathroom and Washroom Cleaning
Toilet bowls, urinals are sanitized with sanitizing chemicals. Bowls are clean inside and out. Refuse is totally removed. Bathroom walls are properly scrubbed, free of watermarks and spots, wiped dry. No soap film is allowed to remain on fixtures.

26 Floor is mopped, sanitized and dried.
There is no sign of marks or streaks on walls, fixtures, doors, door handles and other surfaces. All metal fixtures and hardwares are cleaned and polished with metal polish. Bathroom mirror is well polished and wiped dry, no marks.

27 Sinks are clean and sanitized with sanitizing chemical; free of foul odor.
Bathroom supplies are replenished and installed according to standard arrangement. Shower curtains are properly brushed and wiped dry.

28 Dusting/ Cleaning of Furnitures and Fixtures
Thoroughly dusted, all surfaces are free of dirt and spots. Appliances are properly arranged and installed in their appropriate location. Upholstered chairs are shampooed or vacuumed. Furnitures have no damages or defects.

29 Ceiling Cleaning Ceiling is free of cobwebs and dirt.
Ceiling fan and fluorescent are thoroughly dusted.

30 Grounds Maintenance All walkways, parking spaces, planted areas are clean, free of littered objects. Cemented/concrete pavements are free from spots, scrubbed regularly and dust free. Plants are watered regularly, pruned, trimmed periodically and as necessary.

31 Soil is regularly cultivated, fertilized periodically, planted to prevent eroding.
Plant pests are eradicated; fumigation is conducted on regular schedule or upon detection of presence of pests in the area. Pool flooring is cleaned, scrubbed as scheduled and whenever necessary to prevent the growth of algae. Plants (in boxes) are maintained and replaced as needed.

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