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Intermediate DRA Training

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1 Intermediate DRA Training
Dean Richards

2 Nuts and bolts The purpose of the DRA to diagnose student reading issues and guiding instruction in the classroom You need to have a good idea of the instructional level of the student to start the DRA You need to read the text before you can score the assessment Each student takes about 10 minutes with you. Each student takes about minutes to complete the DRA Students with difficulty in writing have a hard time with the DRA Each DRA takes 5-10 minutes to assess (to start)

3 Each grade level has 2 non-fiction selections

4 Each grade level has 2 fiction selections

5 Teacher materials Teacher selected or student selected
3 parts to the assessment Reading Engagement Oral Reading Fluency Comprehension Skills/Strategies Total score gives grade level of instructional text

6 Student select vs. Teacher selected text

7 Teacher materials T: = teacher prompt
Student reads this aloud with teacher recording errors and doing a miscue analysis Do not correct errors or give words that are unknown Time students

8 Teacher materials Calculate total time (in seconds)
DRA recommends a 97% accuracy rate Students receives Student Materials and makes out predictions

9 Student Materials Students fill out predictions after reading first page This is scored in the Comprehension skills/strategies rubric Once the student finished this task, they should finish the story and complete the rest of the packet

10 Teacher Materials Calculate student’s WPM Pick rate
Check any noticed behaviors

11 Teacher Materials This page is just directions and has no information for you to fill in

12 Teacher Materials After student reads fill out all parts of the Teacher Observation Guide Accuracy and rate are on page 3 of teacher materials Put total score on page one of teacher materials Expression and phrasing are your judgment Although these have story title at the top, they are the same for all stories

13 Student Materials Student reads the rest of the text on their own
This could take some time. . . When student has completed the reading they work on the Student Materials

14 Student Materials Every heading is an area to score on the Teacher observation guide The whole packet is counted in the Comprehension Skills/strategies

15 Student Materials Some of the student materials have graphic organizers. The student materials go in the same order as the Teacher Observation Guide

16 Student Materials The reflection is often the most difficult to assess
Metacognitive Awareness is different on each assessment and can be difficult for kids

17 Teacher Materials Each area in Comprehension Skills/Strategies is scored. These scores are based on your judgment Put total score on page one of teacher materials

18 Student Materials Wide Reading survey must be given to the student
Could be given whole group

19 Student Materials The goal setting answers are difficult for kids who do not have this language Often very general answers “read more” or “read harder books”

20 Teacher Materials Student Reading Survey is scored on the Teacher Observation Sheet under Engagement Put total score on page one of teacher materials

21 Teacher Materials Students receive 40 pts for 4th grade material, 50 for 5th grade ect. Each of the 3 areas of assessment should be put here Total all parts Total score tells grade level

22 Teacher Materials Coolest page of all
Based on what you see pick things that you think would help the child improve

23 Teacher Materials Ways to organize your students you are assessing

24 Questions?

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