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Rasayana therapy and Oral cancer

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1 Rasayana therapy and Oral cancer
Rasayu Cancer Clinic Pune-India

2 Introduction Symptoms
Oral cancer or mouth cancer, a type of head and neck cancer, is any cancerous tissue growth located in the oral cavity. Symptoms Oral lesion, lump, or ulcer that do not resolve in 14 days. located: On the tongue, lip, or other mouth areas Usually small , Most often pale colored, may be dark or discolored Early sign may be a white patch or a red patch on the soft tissues of the mouth Usually painless initially May develop a burning sensation or pain when the tumor is advanced

3 Prevalence Oral or oropharyngeal cancer is the eleventh most common cancer worldwide Over 300,000 new cases diagnosed annually. Oral cancer is the most common cancer in India;. More than 2 lakh new cases of head and neck cancers are diagnosed each year.

4 Causes- Risk factors Smoking and chewng of Tobacoo
Taking snuff (snorting tobacco). Both heavy and regular alcohol consumption. Consumpton of lots of red meat and processed meat and fried foods . GERD (gastro-esophageal reflux disease). HPV (human papillomavirus) infection. Prior radiation treatment (radiotherapy) in the head and/or neck area. Regularly chewing betel nuts -. Exposure to certain chemicals - especially asbestos, sulphuric acid and formaldehyde. Too much sun exposure on the lips, as well as sunlamps or sun beds. Family history of cancer

5 Available treatment modalities
Treatment of oral cancer is ideally a multidisciplinary approach involving Surgery – Very effective in initial stages Radiation – Beneficial in locally spread cancer Chemotherapy – Beneficial in advanced cancer and top prevent recurrence Biological Therapy - They can control or destroy cancer cells. E.g. Cituximab (Erbitux). Restorative Therapy- People treated for oral cancer could experience difficulty for speaking and swallowing are benefited by restorative therapy

6 Ayurveda treatment principle in oral cancer
Restoration of physiological harmony (Balance of Doshas) so as to relieve symptoms . Ensuring proper functioning of Normal cells and Tissues (Dhatus) Preventing Disease progression by strengthening the immune mechanism at tissue level. Improving body immunity so as to attack the cancer cells through immune mechanism. Restoring proper metabolism at cellular level so as to control cancer (Dhatwagni). Improving patients quality of life . Stimulating Apoptosis so as to cause Natural tumor regression. Maintaining the Nutrition,immunity and functioning of all Tissues there increasing patients survival (Ojas).

7 Rasayana therapy in oral cancer
Rasayana therapy acts as potent immunomodulators Helps prevent disease progression Helps improve quality of life Reduces patients symptoms Helps in tumor regression Increases patients survival in case of advanced diseses

8 Preventive modalities
Stop use of tobacco, betel quid ,gutakha, cigarettes smoking and alcohol. Stop use of betel nut. Mantain proper oral hygine Awareness about oral health. Prevention from HPV. Intake of Balance diet. Proper alignment of improperly fixed dentures

9 Preventive modalties as per Ayurveda
Use of Ayurvedic tooth paste. Use of medicated gargles. Gandush, Kawal. Use of medicated nasal drops –Nasya Regular cleansing procedures (Panchakarma) in high risk individuals. Regular use of Rasayana therapy

10 Success story A case of maxillary carcinoma with squamous cell carcinoma of right lateral border of tongue Underwent surgery - Right Maxillotomy And Bilateral Coronoidectomy and radiotherapy. Recureence in 2013 Right Mandibulectmy And Wide Excision Of Tongue Patient started Rasayana therapy in advanced Stage 4a–T4N2CM0 with complaing of pain in left cheek, wound in right cheek, general weakness, feeding through ryles tube, breathlessness, and cough Till date patient is continuing Rasayana therapy . Patient got excellent symptomatic relief. Patient is surviving for more than 4 yrs after her initial diagnosis as against predicted lifespan of 3 months.

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